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We are so familiar with shared web hosting that sometimes we forget that there are other types of web hosting services available and can be seen in web hosting reviews in Franklin, Ohio. Shared web hosting is the most popular among all types since it fits the limited budget of many starting entrepreneurs in the e-commerce field. Since they are the easy choice among other types, most web hosting reviews in Franklin, Ohio are about shared web hosting services that offer a line of almost similar features. But as businesses grow, website owners need to consider how they will be able to upgrade their web hosting service and which type is the best suited for their business. On this part, web hosting reviews in Franklin, Ohio that discuss the other types of web hosting services shall come into play. The following are the types of hosting services available in web hosting reviews in Franklin, Ohio that can replace your shared web hosting service for the better:

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is not a popular choice because its price is far from the usual web hosting offers. But it is understandable that this hosting service asks for such a fee since it is offering exclusivity. The exclusive right to use the computer resources of a web host generally sums up the features of a dedicated server. In full control, you can maximize the use of the service however you want to allocate the resources within your disposal. Also, there is no need to worry about the server taken up by other websites, eventually slowing down your own. If your business can already afford the amount to purchase a dedicated server for your hosting services, do so. This is the best choice for a business hosting website that aims to further grow and accommodate a growing number of clients. No more worries with limited resources, and no worries with the security of data. These matter a lot to established businesses that need more than the usual shared hosting plans in web hosting reviews in Franklin, Ohio.

Web Hosting Reviews in Franklin Ohio

Colocation Hosting

Colocation web hosting is not as popular as the other web hosting services since the responsibility on your server lies in your own hands. That is why colocation hosting is just renting a rack space in a data center where your server needs cooling, power, physical security, and internet uplink. Being the server owner, you are in charge of the software, data storage, backup procedures, etc. But these things need IT management skills. So if you are equipped with the skill, you can opt to own your server to avoid problems with sharing, while having the full control over your data. If you lack the skill and you have your server to manage, you can also choose to outsource IT management to your most trusted IT company.

Self-service Hosting

Self-service hosting is the best plan for you if you want to cut cost and your skills in IT management is excellent. Self-service hosting is not popular especially to people who need to rely on IT experts for the set-up, monitoring, and maintenance of their server. In this hosting service, everything is your work: buying the hardware needed, installing and configuring software and applications, providing sufficient cooling, and powering up the machine. All these are yours to manage, and you have full control over everything that your server works on. So if you are a skilled IT personnel, it is understandable that you don’t need to check the web hosting reviews in Franklin, Ohio because you already have the capacity to put up your very own web hosting service.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud based web hosting offers the ultimate flexibility for your business website among all those that are in web hosting reviews in Franklin, Ohio. It is composed of multiple servers that are connected through the internet. These servers can be used according to the demand of a website. Though multiple websites are hosted by cloud, there won’t be problems with the allocated resources, since they can be easily adjusted according to needs, and there are numerous servers that can reinforce the existing servers for hosting services. If you are just gaining a wider audience and the traffic is not as consistent as the other huge and established websites, cloud hosting can provide the most flexible terms wherein, you only pay for the resources you use. When your business has peak times where there is a need for more computer resources, then cloud hosting can easily provide that without requiring you to sign up for a fixed rate especially for times that large resources are not needed.

Web hosting reviews in Franklin, Ohio may not always provide the offers of the above-mentioned web hosting services, always check which of these or which of the shared services would best fit the demands of your business website. In the end, the hosting service is just a fraction of what you need to manage in running an online business, so read web hosting reviews in Franklin, Ohio, and take your best pick.

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