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Finding the best web hosting plan for your website is one of the most important decisions that you have to make as an entrepreneur who is trying to establish an online presence. Sorting out your preference from the features offered by the best web hosting services is surely a difficult task. We can always go for the free web hosting or pay for that pricy business hosting plan. Any kind of web hosting service would surely work if you pick the top features that the best web hosting plan should provide.

Other than knowing what your website needs and what features of the best web hosting plan should be included in the services you will avail, it is also necessary that you are critical of the company where you will get your chosen package. The best web hosting company will be able to support your website not only now, but also as your business grows. Always remember that the best web hosting service can provide efficient work for your website’s performance, reliability, and security. On top of these, a great email managed services and sufficient storage top the other essentials from your web host.

Best Web Hosting

Top 3 Features of the Best Web Hosting Plan

Provides expert technical support anytime

Your business can continuously accept orders and payments 24/7, thus support is needed anytime a problem occurs. The best web hosting plan can provide a team of experts who know what the problem is and how to fix things properly. The worst that could happen is to be backed up by a support team that does not know what they are doing. Remember that every second of downtime is reflected in your earnings,  so choose a plan that ensures the expertise and availability of the technical support team. This team will be more essential to your online business as your venture grows. Growing online business will eventually upgrade to more complex systems and more sophisticated apps. Thus, your technical support team should be able to relate to you and address problems no matter how to advance it may be.

Ensures reliable remote backup services and updated security features

Aside from the very essential technical support, remote backup service, and cybersecurity are needed by your website. The best web hosting plan can provide a reliable remote backup service that can ensure that you have all the content preserved no matter what happens to your website. The website content, emails, customer data, sales, and financial details, and inventory records are prone to malware attacks that could take advantage of these data or could ask for money in exchange of getting access to them again. This kind of attack on your data can put down businesses in a matter of days. Having a reliable remote backup can easily dodge any problem with data breach or ransomware in the future. Also, take note that if your website continuously sells products and services online, make sure that your backup suits that demand, and can provide continuous backup especially for your sales information. Since the backup is your Plan B if ever a cyber attack blocks you from accessing your data, security features are supposed to prevent those attacks in the first place. Make sure that your web host provides updated and reliable security features with options to upgrade security patches. This is your first line of defense against cybercriminals. And in case of downtime and other malware that hack even the latest security patches, your backup got you covered. Stay safe and keep your business running with the best web hosting plan.

Guarantees availability and uptime

There won’t be business running if your website is down. This is equal to the loss of revenue, so your website needs the best web hosting plan that can guarantee that your site will always be accessible for your customers. A site that is always offline will lose customers and potential sales. Every link that would not load feels like spam or clickbait, so the impression of clients will surely affect your overall sales. When downtime is an occurrence expected in the web hosting service that you availed, that could be due to several reasons: your site is affected by other sites on the same server if you are in shared hosting, or the servers are too old to maintain multiple websites with heavy traffic. The best web hosting plan, when shared, can guarantee at least 99.95% uptime. In the case of sophisticated hosting like dedicated servers or cloud hosting, expect for high availability; 99.99% for dedicated hosting, and 100% for cloud hosting should be expected.

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