What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is an online service that allows you to rent a storage space helping you keep documents and files, including data, needed in publishing your own website or online application on the Internet.

Web Hosting Definition in Licking, Ohio

The web hosting is responsible for making sure that your server is up and running, protects it from dangerous attacks, and helps you transfer contents from your servers to browsers. This makes web hosting a unique and interesting tool for small businesses who want to advertise to people in Licking, Ohio. So, what is really the web hosting definition in Licking, Ohio?

Web Hosting Definition

How Web Hosting Works?

Marketers should understand that the web hosting definition in Licking, Ohio means that a web hosting is responsible for storing all important files, data, assets that relate to your website. Hence, when they decide to start a new one, they should try looking for a hosting company that can meet their needs and is reliable in doing the task. One more thing to put in mind is that getting a host for your website requires paying recurring fees depending on the hosting company.

Also, it is not really necessary to be knowledgeable enough in programming to regularly manage your hosted website. The user interface is made graphical, making every aspect of your website manageable and easy-uploading files to your server, installing content management systems, accessing your database, and creating backups for your website.

Aside from its common use, providing server space, web hosting also provides other services that may be helpful in managing your site. These are as follows:

  • Provides developer tools
  • Has automated backups system so will not easily lose your files and data
  • Offer email hosting
  • Contains developer tools and page builders necessary in allowing your site to work properly and accordingly
  • Provides customer support services

Types of Web Hosting

Web hosts provide various types of hosting to meet the different needs of different customers. The following are the most frequently used and purchased:

Shared Hosting: It is a type of web hosting wherein a service provider offers pages for other websites, each consisting with its own internet domain name coming from a single web server.

VPS Hosting: It is also known as Virtual Private Server and is a virtualized server. Its environment imitates a constant server for applications that need such a shared hosting environment. It also offers various types of hosting accounts to choose from.

Cloud Hosting: This is a network of virtual servers that connect with a network of physical servers.  This kind of network limits access on the actual needs of the site which is scaled up or down consequently.

WordPress Hosting: A type of hosting whose ultimate function is to meet the security need and performance of websites built on WordPress. Typically, it involves a “one-click” WordPress installation. Other hosts also automatically update the software if needed.

Dedicated Server Hosting: This type of hosting happens when a client engages a database center to host their equipment. The host provides administration, server equipment, and other services. It is also the most suitable and flexible type for various clients since it allows the organizations to have control over the security systems, the software, and the server.

Importance of Web Hosting

It is very important to have a web hosting account since it serves as the storage center for your website’s important information and data and is also considered as the physical location of your site on the Internet. Your web hosting service manages the technology that connects your website to the internet and maintains the server where you have stored all the data and information that relates to your website is located. What web hosting does is important since the commerce it facilitates allows the economic growth of some places, including Licking, Ohio, to happen since it is one of the best platforms for business transactions.

How Does Web Hosting Benefit Marketers in Licking, Ohio?

A web hosting service is very necessary in Licking, Ohio. It allows businesses in Licking, Ohio to connect to other parts of the world. The use of web hosting in Licking, Ohio might be considered as the place’s stepping-stone to reach economic growth and development, allowing it to compete with the other places and even countries.


A web hosting service, for everyone living in Licking, Ohio who desires to create their own website, is a necessity. It would act as their support in times when their website becomes inaccessible.  You will also need to get in touch with your web hosting service since it provides a backup of your data in case they are lost or deleted accidentally. You need not worry about your site’s maintenance as well since the service will do it for you.

On the other hand, webmasters should also remember that the storage space needed depends on how big or small your website is. Thus, make sure you start from the smallest one first and when you think your site is getting bigger, you can always upgrade to a more advanced hosting type.

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