Web Hosting Reviews – Types of Shared Hosting Services in Columbus, Ohio

Web hosting reviews are all over the internet, and for a business that is trying to find the best web hosting reviews in Columbus Ohio, it would be difficult to find the most reliable ones. There are pages that simply promote the products they are paid to promote. There are some that reviewed by customers yet the means of reviewing does not filter anonymous comments or worse, rejects negative comments. There could be problems in finding reliable web hosting reviews in Columbus Ohio, so it is better to ask yourself first the following questions:

  • Who can I trust?
  • What are the features I should look for?
  • How much should I pay?
  • How does the web host transfer an existing website?
  • Do I need a website builder?
  • Should I choose managed web hosting?

Types of Shared Web Hosting Services

Once you have decided on the things mentioned previously, you should know the different types of shared web hosting services available so that you can fairly compare the services that belong in this category. Why? Because the types of web hosting services greatly affect the price that most businesses consider when they are just starting to establish their online presence. It is better that if you are looking for shared web hosting, you know what other web hosting services are comparable with it. Here are the types of shared web hosting services that you might consider in some of the web hosting reviews in Columbus Ohio:

Web Hosting Reviews in Cloumbus Ohio

Shared Hosting

Shared web hosting is a frequent feature in web hosting reviews in Columbus Ohio. It describes how it operates shared. The server for shared web hosting is divided in order to cater to multiple websites. These websites may differ in their needs for computer resources and in the bulk of traffic coming into their website. Thus, when a website dominates the use of resources, the weaker websites run short of what they should be provided for. That is the usual problem with a shared web hosting. But if your website does not need a lot of resources, shared web hosting will surely work for you.

Free and Cheap Web Hosting

Free web hosting is the most sought after in web hosting reviews in Columbus Ohio because most businesses that are just starting with their online venture seek the advantage of cutting the cost of hosting service. Indeed, there are web hosting services that can be availed for free, and they are all Shared Hosting services. Since they come for free, you shouldn’t expect much from the basic features that it include in its package. If your website does not demand too many features, they can opt for a free hosting service. Another popular shared web hosting service that is usually preferred by starters is a cheap web hosting service that is priced not more than $5 per month.

VPS (Virtual Private Server)

Another type of web hosting is Virtual Private Server (VPS). This is considered next-level shared hosting. Though it hosts multiple websites in a single server, VPS provides multiple, separate virtual machines that could make the service more efficient and not affected by the varying demands of websites sharing the same server. VPS strikes a balance between shared and dedicated hosting that makes it a good choice among those in common web hosting reviews in Columbus Ohio.

Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is also a shared web hosting service that includes extra tools that allow you to make it a business and resell the server allotments to other websites. Though a reseller package is not frequently looked for in a web hosting reviews in Columbus Ohio, it is much better than other shared web hosting services, since it is equipped with more tools, it has more technical control, and has everything you need to make your simple shared hosting service a business on its own.

All these shared web hosting services are interesting for the new businesses joining the market of Ecommerce since they offer the most basic necessities to put up a website for an online business. Establishing their online presence is the first difficult challenge that they need to overcome, so it is helpful if there are services that can help take out the problem of limited budget and lack of technical background in web hosting. In knowing the best-shared web hosting service for their business, web hosting reviews in Columbus Ohio is surely a great help.

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