Top Free Web Hosting in Franklin, Ohio

Small and medium businesses often consider their budget when availing services. The same thing happens when they seek the top free web hosting in Franklin, Ohio. They are in pursuit of free web hosting and domain to cut costs in hosting services. Unfortunately, the best web hosting service is not free.

Managed Hosting Vs Top Free Web Hosting in Franklin, Ohio

Even the top free web hosting in Franklin, Ohio can’t provide all the needs of a business website. Your website would need a large allowance for content storage, traffic volume accommodation, and other resources. Business websites provide better service when they are using applications that would make transactions easier for their customers. All these won’t be possible even with top free web hosting in Franklin, Ohio.

Top Free Web Hosting in Franklin Ohio

Free web hosting means using whatever service that’s available from your web host. They are limited and unreliable. Your web hosting provider can easily cut the service even without prior notice. You can lose your business anytime they choose to shut down their servers. Since there is no monthly fee, there are no service level agreements. There is no contract to honor, and services are at the mercy of the owner of the server.

What Hosting Service You Need

Managed hosting can top free web hosting in Franklin, Ohio in all the services it provides. It allows scaling up and down your resources based on demand. It can provide advanced security services. It has updated applications, plug-ins, and patches. Name what your business needs and managed hosting can provide.

Let’s discuss further how managed hosting can top free web hosting in Franklin, Ohio:

Efficient Performance

A business website has to perform in its optimum if you want to keep up with the e-commerce race. It is best that your website has all the resources that will maximize your business’ virtual presence. Efficient performance is only possible if you have the basic needs addressed. Some of these are sufficient storage space, bandwidth, security, and uptime. Ensuring that resources are available will prevent downtime and revenue loss. However, even top free web hosting in Franklin, Ohio can’t ensure your website’s performance.

What Managed Hosting Can Offer

Managed hosting can provide these necessities for whatever web hosting needs your website has. No matter how small or large your company is, there is a perfect managed web hosting service for you. The demand for resources could grow from slim to massive, and managed hosting can accommodate that wide of a range. The flexibility of the hosting service can top free web hosting in Franklin, Ohio.

Why Strive for Efficiency?

Why would you need efficient performance if you can simply have a functioning website? Efficient website performance can help establish a good impression among your clients. The more accessible your business is, the more customers you’ll gain. Remember that e-commerce is driven by customer reviews. Positive reviews can directly increase purchase transactions for your business. Negative reviews can hit your revenue hard. Set an impression that would make your customers gladly recommend you.

Aside from setting an impression, an efficient website provides satisfactory customer experience. The transactions on your website will surely get positive ratings if you page loads easily, and your site is highly responsive to feedback. The ease of the purchase process due to an optimized website with sufficient resources will keep your customers satisfied before, during, and after purchases. All these are possible with managed hosting and lacking even in top free web hosting in Franklin, Ohio.

Expert 24/7 IT Support

Top free web hosting in Franklin, Ohio lowers your operating costs. That is true, but it can’t ensure that you won’t need to pay for maintenance, security, and other upgrades. These separately purchased features will lead to more expenses that you need to pay for. What you actually pay for when you purchase these upgrades are in fact, managed IT services.

What makes a managed service is the dedicated team of IT experts that renders a 24/7 technical support. They are the people who monitor your system and keep it secured from cyber threats. They also ensure that you have enough resources that can keep your business up and running. They cover all possible IT issues that may arise, and they will be in charge of keeping your website in perfect condition. This is the kind of service that even top free web hosting in Franklin, Ohio lacks.

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