Top 10 Web Hosting Features that Your Business Needs

The e-commerce race drives businesses into the online venture. Entrepreneurs began searching for the top 10 web hosting features as they consider availing web hosting packages. Here are the top 10 web hosting features that your hosting service should provide:

1. Uptime

Top 10 Web Hosting

Uptime is the first of the top 10 web hosting features that your business website needs. It refers to the accessibility of your business website to your customers. The usual uptime guarantee is 99.99%. Never go lower than that or else you will find frequent downtime affecting your sales. Downtime may be caused by a hardware malfunction, internal error, or malicious attacks on your server. So, always include uptime in your top 10 web hosting features to consider.

2. Scalability

Scalability is part of the top 10 web hosting features that your business website should have. It refers to the capacity of your web hosting service to provide less or more computing resources for your website based on demand. Traditional web hosting packages are limited to a particular amount of resources that they can provide. This is why a web hosting service that can easily adjust on-demand resources without a new subscription upgrade is one of the top 10 web hosting features.

3. Storage

One of the top 10 web hosting features that your business website needs is storage space. Disk space allows you to upload any form of content into your website. This may include text, images, multi-media content, and other applications that your business website should have. Less storage means less content for your customers. Remember that online, content is key. So, always choose a web hosting package that provides sufficient storage space for your business.

4. Bandwidth

Bandwidth is one of the top 10 web hosting features to look for because it allows traffic to flow into your website. Despite great content and a 100% uptime, without sufficient bandwidth, your page won’t load easily and you will lose customers. Bandwidth pertains to your server’s capacity to accommodate heavy site traffic. If your clients are far too many for your bandwidth capacity, your site will not be accessible to everyone. There will only be a limited number of customers who would need to bear the slow page loads just to transact on your business website.

5. IT Support

IT support is one of the top 10 web hosting features of premium web hosting. Web hosting services usually provide a dedicated team who will assist you with IT management and technical issues. If you are a non-tech person who needs to take his/her business online, a reliable IT support team will help you manage what you don’t fully understand in the online business setting.

6. Backup

Backup provides the security of your data even before a malicious attack. Daily updates of backups can help you retrieve lost data after a cyber attack. It can also help you access previous settings of your website after an internal mistake took down your site. Your backup is an assurance that whatever happens to your site, you are ensured of a fast disaster recovery plan and business continuity without going back to square one.

7. Security

Security is one of the top 10 web hosting features because it keeps your business from bankruptcy. A data breach can drag down a business to bankruptcy in a matter of weeks. This could be through malware attacks, ransomware attacks, or identity theft. In handling a business website, security is non-negotiable. Your customers entrusted you their information during their transactions, so it is your responsibility to keep this information safe.

8. Migration

Migration is one of the top 10 web hosting features needed by growing businesses. Of course, your business has to grow. Eventually, you would need more computing resources to address the demands of your expanding website reach. Option for migration will help you upgrade your resources easily. Some web hosting solutions do not provide that option so, entrepreneurs don’t have a choice but avail expensive upgrades from other providers.

9. Easy to use control panels

Convenience should be offered by the top 10 web hosting solutions. This starts with an easy to use control panel. The most popular is the cPanel that provides a single interface that makes all site control available within clicks. Non-tech people usually benefit from this feature, but busy entrepreneurs will not hesitate to free up their time to focus on their business than in IT management.

10. Pricing

Price is always a consideration in choosing the top 10 web hosting features. The usual mistake of people in checking out prices is focusing on discounts. Make sure that you are getting the value for your money by securing the most affordable web hosting package with all the features that you need. Additional features are priced higher than usual, so be careful in making a web hosting comparison. The best web hosting for small business is not priced lowest, rather priced right with the features that give your money’s worth.

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