How to Host Your Own Website and Domain?

What is web hosting and what is the role of a domain in learning how to host your own website and domain? Web hosting is the process of providing access for websites that are hosted by a computer known as web servers. With these web servers, online existence is granted among all websites supported by these computers.

Before we dwell on how to host your own website and domain, let’s discuss the processing of information in the Internet that involves web hosting as its medium. How is this done? When an end user, or a person who uses a computer, tries searching for an information online, s/he will type in the inquiry into the browser. The task of the web server is to connect the browser to the websites that can answer the inquiry. This is done using the IP addresses of every website. These IP addresses are random numbers that are assigned to a web server, so there has to be a domain name that will make the websites searchable. Once the IP addresses of websites with relevant content were gathered, the browser opens it for the end user. With the same procedure, information about how to host your own website and domain can easily be accessed through search engines.

Host Your Own Website and Domain

Steps to Host Your Own Website and Domain

Since we’re done with the definitions, let’s discuss how to host your own website and domain. There are five major steps that you should consider before trying how to host your own website and domain from scratch. Read on:

1. Identify your preferred web hosting brand

With a saturated market of web hosting services, almost kinds of offers are already existing. But if you think your web hosting business can top all the existing ones, start learning how to host your own website and domain. This is possible to secure a particular market in web hosting if you can tap on the much needed niche markets in web hosting. Since the niche web hosts are tailored fit to the needs of the niche, this service will most likely provide anything that the clients demand. Niche web hosting services is a list that goes on, but here are the most popular niche markets:

  • Green energy web hosts
  • Small business hosting
  • DDOS protected servers

2.Secure a dedicated server

The server has to include a hardware that can provide the needed specifications for web hosting. Not all computers can provide the speed and storage that can maintain a steady uptime 24/7 for multiple websites. So, make sure that your hardware specifications can really sustain the power and services that you aim to offer as you begin learning how to host your own website and domain. Aside from the hardware, you need the software for web hosting that depends on the operating system that you’re using. It could be a WAMP, LAMP or MAMP. Here are several features that can help you check if the dedicated server you built upon knowing how to host your own website and domain can help you establish a web hosting business:

  • 24/7 dedicated support in case of hardware failure
  • Fast dedicated server deployment
  • Hardware and SSID that are sufficient for hosting
  • Security against DDoS attacks
  • Premium network providers

3. Set up the website, billing system and support channels

Once you have set up your web server, it is time that you create a website for your data center. The impression of your customers towards your brand and your services depends on your website. Use cPanel/WHM for your website hosting panel to easily manage your website. Tools provided by WHMCS are known for its comprehensive client billing and excellent customer support. As you begin learning how to host your own website and domain, you can consider offering email support first.

4. Find your clients

Your customers will not find you if you are not available. Offer the best service. Be consistent with your offers. Maximize social media. Advertise. As a businessman, you need to exhaust all your marketing skills to find the best market that will keep your business running for a long time. Just like what we mentioned above, tapping a niche market can help you establish a steady source of revenue if your clients will see your services as the best offer in the market. The competition is high, but as long as web hosting is a demand, you will find a steady market. For now, since you are just beginning to learn how to host your own website and domain, be patient and aspire for a constant upgrade for your business.

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