How to Host Own Website at Home?

E-commerce drastically changed the trend of the market and made businesses embrace the capacity of the virtual world to become a medium of supply and demand. The Internet paved the way for more kinds of businesses out of the need for websites, where customers can easily access products and services in just a click. One of the businesses that became successful out of this trend that will surely last for a long time is the web hosting business. Suddenly, how to host own website at home became an interest to many.

Before discussing how to host own website at home, let’s begin with its basic definition. Web hosting is a service that provides accessibility to websites online. For a website to be seen by potential customers who are searching for products and services online, a web host has to be actively pushing the website live. This is done through a special computer called web server. Web servers are computer units that can host multiple websites. And since the demand for web hosting increased as businesses started availing of the service for their websites in order to reach the virtual market, web hosting became an interesting business even for those who are not initially in the tech field. Thus, People began asking how to host own website at home to take control of their data, clients’ information and employ their own preferences.

How to Host Own Website at Home

Learning how to host own website at home does not only require a couple of steps to follow and everything will fall into place. There are certain specifications that you need to attend to before you can learn how to host own website at home. Regardless if you are building your own infrastructure or using a hosting service, here is your tracking list before you can finally Build your web hosting business at home:

Affordable Pricing

Affordability is the key to make your pricing as interesting as the other features that your web hosting service can offer. Most of the time, it can make or break a deal if almost all web hosts can offer the same efficiency and service. Also, make sure that your price would not give away your hard-earned investment. Let your price be affordable, yet income-generating still. Make pricing your marketing strategy even before you put up your own hosting business and learn how to host own website at home.

Establish Advance Billing

If your clients think that the price is really right, they will not hesitate to pay in advance. Billing your clients in advance is your way to keep your business rolling. Technical skills is not the only skill you need when you are trying to learn how to host own website at home. It also requires mastery of business Math, so you can track your capital and revenue. If you are not confident in numbers, you can always seek help from a third party IT Management team to help with your bookkeeping.

Fair Terms of Service (TOS)

Terms of Service (TOS) is also known as the service level agreement. The terms of service for you and your client should bear all fair practices in web hosting. Check out web hosting talk forums and threads so that you can see the reasonable terms that are currently adopted by web hosting businesses and websites. Learning how to host own website at home should be supported by the knowledge on how fair practices are employed in the field of web hosting.

On top of these three, there are several things that you need to keep track of:

Server monitoring

Your business lose money when your server goes down, plus you will lose customers who rely on efficient hosting service. That is something you can’t afford especially when you just learned how to host own website at home. An efficient IT management team can also help you to monitor your servers 24/7.


Despite the assurance of reliability that your IT Management team provides, always, there has to be a backup for all the information your web hosting business keeps. This is your plan B for any unforeseen attacks in the cyberspace that can pull your business into sudden bankruptcy.

Updated Servers

Since cyber attacks can harm both your web hosting service and your clients, one of the best feature that you can offer your customers is security. Keep your servers updated with the most recent security patches to secure your business and for the continued trust of your clients.

How to Build and Host Your Own Website


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