Disadvantages of a Low Web Hosting Cost in Knox, Ohio

Web hosting cost in Knox, Ohio is either free or paid web hosting. Not paying for a web hosting cost in Knox, Ohio has a lot of setbacks while paid hosting would need to take a slice of your enterprise web hosting cost. Thus, web hosting cost in Knox, Ohio is a major concern in maintaining an online business. To gain an edge in the stiff e-commerce competition, you need a reliable paid web hosting service.

Entrepreneurs are often in search of the service with low web hosting cost in Knox, Ohio. They usually end up getting shared web hosting services. Shared web hosting can offer its services with a low web hosting cost in Knox, Ohio because of a shared environment. The shared environment pertains to the sharing of multiple websites in one server for the computing resources they need.

Web Hosting Cost in Knox Ohio

However, low web hosting cost in Knox, Ohio has its own setbacks. You may get the upfront discount from the monthly subscription, but you would need to deal with several disadvantages. Take note of the disadvantages of low web hosting cost in Knox, Ohio:


The efficiency of service is the most important feature of web hosting packages. If your web hosting provider can’t ensure the efficient delivery of computing resources, think twice. That would greatly affect your business. Web hosting cost in Knox, Ohio should not be an excuse for inefficient hosting service. Even if you pay less, your business deserves a satisfactory service.


One of the usual consequences of service inefficiency is downtime. Downtime is caused by depleted resources, internal mistakes, crashes within the server you share with others, and cybersecurity attacks. The most frequent cause of downtime in shared web hosting is internal mistakes and crashes in the shared server. These are common setbacks when you opt for a low web hosting cost in Knox, Ohio.

What is the reason behind this? For a server to function efficiently, there has to be a dedicated expert to maintain its status. Updates and monitoring should be handled with keen observation and expert analysis. This is possible with an expert IT support team. Unfortunately, a low web hosting cost in Knox, Ohio can only extend the basic support for your website. You can reach them once there is a technical issue to solve. But to expect them to prevent technical difficulties that could affect your business is not possible. They can only do so much for all the websites in their every server.

Limited Resources

Low web hosting cost in Knox, Ohio also has limited resources. Since computing resources are shared, the server you are sharing with others can only provide so much. Every server has a definite amount of computing resources to share with every website. Thus, if the websites demand more than the usual resources they use, it could affect the other websites, or worse, it could crash the server. When the servers crash, it causes downtime.

Bad Neighbor Effect

One of the consequences of limited resources due to a low web hosting cost in Knox, Ohio is the Bad Neighbor Effect. This happens when a website dominates the usage of resources in a shared server. When does this happen?

There are times that a website has a sudden demand for access due to trending posts, relevant products and services, seasonal on-demand offers, and other reasons that could shoot your site’s traffic. Higher traffic volume needs bigger bandwidth. Thus, the resources for bandwidth could be consumed by this single website, and the remaining resources will be divided among other websites on the server.

The bad neighbor effect leads to slow data transfer, loss of customers, loss of revenue, and worse, downtime. This is what you bargain for when you choose a low web hosting cost in Knox, Ohio.

Less Control over Security

A low web hosting cost in Knox, Ohio provides a shared web hosting service that has fewer security measures compared to managed web hosting. Managed web hosting services have daily monitoring logs, preventive security measures like back up services, an efficient security scanning and termination process during an attack and a clear disaster recovery plan.

In shared web hosting, you get what you paid for. You get the divided attention of the IT support team, and security applications and patches that all web hosting services commonly offer. There is danger of getting the frequently used security tools of a low web hosting cost in Knox, Ohio. These tools are not exclusive and updated. Thus, cybercriminals can easily craft malware that can penetrate its security system. This leaves your server, website, and other websites sharing your server vulnerable to a security breach.

Low web hosting cost in Knox, Ohio may give you your ideal monthly discount, but you also take the risk of getting only what you paid for.

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