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Top web hosting sites in Franklin, Ohio will offer the best features to their clients. This makes them win in web hosting comparison against other Ohio web hosting services. Top web hosting sites in Franklin, Ohio offer outstanding features. Some of these features are highest uptime guarantee, immediate scalability, robust security, reliable managed services and additional emails. Let’s discuss the features of the top web hosting sites in Franklin, Ohio:

Uptime Guarantee

Uptime refers to the accessibility of your website when clients search your business using a web browser. You shouldn’t lose this accessibility. If you do, you will lose the possible leads, sales, and revenue within the affected time. Downtime can be due to hardware malfunction, depleted computing resources, or malicious attack. All these things can be countered if you will pick the top web hosting sites in Franklin, Ohio for your business.

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  • What is the ideal uptime guarantee?

Top web hosting sites in Franklin, Ohio offer 99.99% uptime guarantee. The remaining percentage is allotted for regular maintenance of the data centers. This maintenance is scheduled, so you can always adjust your business transactions. What you need to avoid is unexpected downtime. 

  • How can downtime affect your business?

Unexpected downtime can hit your business hard. How? You lose customers, sales, and business integrity. When your website suffers from downtime, customers will look for other sites. There are a lot of similar products and services all over the net. It’s likely that your customer would find another trusted business partner. No one can tell if your customer will still go back to check your site. Of course, when you lose the customer, you lose the sales. Rest assured that is not the case when you avail the services of the top web hosting sites in Franklin, Ohio.

You also lose business integrity when your website suffers from downtime. A downtime creates the impression that you are not capable of managing your website efficiently. With that impression, your customers will doubt the credibility of your products andservices, and worse, your business as a whole. This is not the kind of impression that the top web hosting sites in Franklin, Ohio want for your website.


Scalability refers to the capacity of a web hosting service to scale up or down depending on your needs. Top web hosting sites in Franklin, Ohio offer packages that can accommodate the needs of your business. They can offer the most basic features, the standard computing resources, and the immediate demands of your business. They can also offer upgrades of services that will allow your business to grow.

Growing businesses usually encounter difficulties because of insufficient computing resources. If you have one of the top web hosting sites in Franklin, Ohio, this will never be a problem. The top web hosting sites in Franklin, Ohio can easily grant access to an upgrade of resources. There are also services that allow going beyond the allotted consumption and apply the pay-per-use policy. Thus, computing resources will no longer affect your website performance if you rely on the top web hosting sites in Franklin, Ohio.

Managed Services

A web hosting service is definitely one of the top web hosting sites in Franklin, Ohio if it offers managed services. What is managed services? It is the kind of web hosting service that includes IT management as part of its package. When you have managed services, you will have a dedicated staff who will look after your website. Their assistance begins with setup and configuration of your business website, down to daily monitoring of its status. This means that everything on your website will be maintained to maximize the full potential of your business website.

Yes, managed services may be a little pricey compared to other services. This is justified by the assurance that they can provide. Managed services ensure 100% uptime, so that you don’t have to deal with the .01% downtime for maintenance. Also, your support team will ensure that they will fix any technical problem. They will keep your security features and operating system updated. Thus, you can focus more in growing your business.


Other features that the top web hosting sites in Franklin, Ohio offer to their clients are perks like additional email accounts. This email account allows sending and receiving messages while using an address representing your business domain.

Top web hosting sites in Franklin, Ohio provide more than that. They also scan emails for spam and malicious software. They check the email server status daily, and ensure that it has not been blacklisted. Also, they will see to it that your business email will be integrated with services, and that it will have adequate storage, file sharing and webmail access.

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