Top Web Hosting Sites

Top web hosting sites may vary. These could be any of the types of website hosting services. What makes them the best hosting plans? Managed services.

What is Managed Services?

Entrepreneurs need to understand how managed services create top web hosting sites. First, you need to understand what managed hosting is. It pertains to the additional services provided by a web hosting company to its clients. Managed services take care of the operation of the server. This is on top of the usual provision of computing resources for web hosting. This is usually available for dedicated, colocation, VPS or cloud hosting solutions.

Who Uses the Top Web Hosting Sites?

Top Web Hosting Sites

Managed services bring additional cost. Thus, entrepreneurs need to justify if they need to include extra expenses for web hosting. Entrepreneurs who venture on online products and services are not always IT experts. This need to expand their business online is an effect of the growing e-commerce industry. Businesses need to adjust and tap the virtual market. They need to keep up with the changing purchasing trend. Who among the online entrepreneurs need managed services? Who needs to avail the services of the top web hosting sites?

• Businessmen who lack IT skills

IT skills are not the typical skills generally learned by business owners. Thus, there is a demand for managed services. They can avail the services of the top web hosting sites. This is to ensure a business website that can perform and produce sales. Managed services cover IT tasks like setup and configuration of websites. This include all management tasks down to the daily monitoring and operations.

This demand for expertise in web hosting is common and must be addressed. It created a market for managed services from the top web hosting sites. Just like any skill, you can outsource IT management. This answers the difficulties of non-tech people to boost their business revenue.

• Businessmen who lack time

Growing a business can be really demanding especially with time. That is why most businessmen need assistance. They delegate minor tasks to skilled employees. Your online business is an extension to deliver your products and services. It is only proper that you delegate the needs of your business website to top web hosting sites. If you can’t allot enough time to maintain it, you need managed services.

Managing websites with help from any of the top web hosting sites is advantageous for your business. It can help you compete fairly against larger companies. Your online reach within the virtual market depends on your website’s performance. So, getting managed services is an investment more than an expense.

Features of the Top Web Hosting Sites

Getting the best managed services can help your business in many ways. For a hosting service to become one of the top web hosting sites, it should have certain features. Managed services provide these features. Here are some of the features of the top web hosting sites:

• Pre-installed software: Apache and PHP

Software installation can be difficult especially when you lack expertise. If you have managed services from top web hosting sites, it can cover all concerns regarding software installation and the applications your website needs.

• Easy one-click installations for popular content management systems (CMSs)

Some of the popular CMSs are WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. Having managed services from top web hosting sites, you will enjoy the convenience that built-in CMS provides.

• Easy one-click installations of modules

You need modules that include marketing, shipping, email, and online community features. This can help you manage your site hand-in-hand with your web hosting service provider. Hundreds of these extend the functionality of your business website.

• Easy-to-use control panel

Managed services will provide the most popular control panel. Two of these are cPanel or Plesk.

• Automated website backups

Your business website needs backup for all the information that your business utilizes for daily operations, evaluation of website performance, content, and clients’ purchasing details. In any case of data loss, your routinely updated backup can save your business.

• Site management

This refers to monitoring of the server status, individual site status, and security status of your business. Also, all updates in security features ensure that your site is ready to dodge off malicious attacks. Your hosting provider will use security features like SSL certificates and hardware firewalls. They will also issue a detailed log of threats and security actions done.

• Optimized website

Website optimization keeps your business up and running. This takes care of the speed and performance of your website. A fast loading webpage that is always available can surely keep loyal customers.

• 100% Uptime Guarantee

The usual guarantee for uptime of regular web hosting services is 99.99%. Managed services from top web hosting sites can take care of the remaining percentage. Your business will always be available for transaction. Your hosting company will monitor your website 24/7. This way, they can fix issues right away and avoid downtime. A support team will immediately assist you anytime.

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