How to Build and Host Your Own Website?

Learning how to build and host your own website is a commonly sought skill nowadays due to the sudden boom of e-commerce, and all the possibilities it opens for the marketing industry. The growth of e-commerce worldwide compelled entrepreneurs to look for web hosting companies that provide cost effective managed services that allow them to secure internet presence.

Thus, businessmen find themselves in need of the best IT management service and a guide on how to build and host your own website that they can easily follow.

But before we discuss how to build and host your own website, let’s check on the considerations you need to know before investing your hard-earned money on a new kind of business:

How to Build and Host Your Own Website

Things to Consider Before you Build and Host Your Own Website

1. Your technical knowledge is also needed

You need to possess some level of technical knowledge when it comes to software and computers, in which IT managers can help you with. It is also a misconception that since there are control panels, you don’t need technical knowledge. The truth is, control panels make the task easier by placing all controls in just one panel for easy access. The knowledge of using these controls to figure out how to build and host your own website is another thing. You need to understand how troubleshooting is done if you really want to fully grasp the process of how to build and host your own website.

2. Web hosting money is hard-earned

Some people who are not well-acquainted with the field think that web hosting business is easy-money. Web hosting is a saturated market. Many have already started their venture in this kind of business. Despite the new kind of business because e-commerce is just a recent marketing trend, web hosting has been going on since blogging became popular, and started earning. In a saturated market where competition is stiff, you should have something new to offer in order to keep the customers coming, or else, your business is just another web hosting service that people may or may not choose to avail. Part of learning how to build and host your own website is to understand that just like other kinds of business, web hosting needs marketing strategies, investment and patience until you can claim your return of investment (ROI).

3. Consider the amount you can spare for the server

Just like any kind of business, web hosting requires capital for your investment. Part of that money you need to spare is the amount for the server. In order to build a server, you would need to purchase a hardware with the specifications that can accommodate web hosting tasks. Let’s say that your server is going to have 80GB of hard disk space. That would cost you around $100 per month, while you can charge for your web hosting service with the usual $10 per client for 20MB.  At this rate, you can earn decent money, but you need to offer the best service to get new subscriptions and keep the existing ones. Also, you would need to purchase the required software in order for your server to work. Without a reliable software, your web hosting business can only deliver poor services due to unexpected downtime that disappoints web hosting clients. In order to master how to build and host your own website, you need to make sure that your server works flawlessly.

4. Committed time for your business is vital

Owning a web hosting business is like owning the usual kind of business — it requires all your attention and time especially when you are just starting. This means you need to commit 8 hours of your day for your business. Other web hosting business owners even allot 15 hours of their day, since they manage their business alone. That is avoided when you avail one of the most helpful features of IT management — assistance in maintaining your server so that you can ensure a steady efficient service for your clients, even on your resting hours. Learning how to build and host your own website is learning time management.

5. Consider the amount to spend for IT management

Availing IT management services is one of the investments you need for your web hosting business. This will provide the necessary monitoring, technical assistance and even the reliable customer service for your clients. Leaving this out from your checklist would demand much from you as the webmaster. If your knowledge about how to build and host your own website is not on the technical level, it is advisable to get a webmaster and an IT management team.

How to be your Own Web Host


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