How to Be Your Own Web Host?

Creating a web hosting service for your own website has been popular with businesses because it can provide more control with the data that the hosts handle. This is an advantage in keeping confidential information of clients and in creating of a better business branding for your website since there are more options for customization. Learning how to be your own host, thus became a preference among business people who want to invest in their online presence and market.

Learning how to be your own web host is a common choice for businesses since it would only require to invest on several matters. Included in this list that you need to prepare even before knowing how to be your own web host, are the following: a special arrangement with your Internet service provider (ISP), the right hardware and software for the job, and at least one employee to be your Webmaster who will ensure the needed IT management for your server and site.

How to be Your Own Web Host

Prerequisites of Being Your Own Web Host

Here’s your checklist before you start studying how to be your own web host:

1. Secure a stable internet connection that is dedicated solely for your web server.

Knowing how to be your own web host starts with securing the means of taking your business online, and that is the Internet. Since the Internet acts as the medium that connects your business and the virtual world, you need to secure a reliable Internet connection to safeguard the constant accessibility of your website, which is commonly known as uptime. A high-speed connection with 24/7 accessibility is the standard if you want to be visible to your target market. To make this possible, an ISDN or DSL line could cost you around $200 per month, while a super high-speed T1 line around several thousand dollars per month. Call it an investment, because downtimes is equal to revenue loss. If we demand paid web hosting services to provide 100% uptime, we need to adopt the same resolution before learning how to be your own web host.

2. Get authorized IP addresses for your servers.

Part of understanding how to be your own web host is understanding IP addresses. These are unique numbers that help in the identification of a computer from the rest of the Internet. These are not open for customization or preferences. They have to be authorized by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). How to acquire them from your ISP? You can set an arrangement with them as you acquire your much needed reliable high-speed Internet connection. Some even provide them readily upon signing up for their service. Just take note that understanding how to be your own web host and the IP addresses you need also poses additional cost if you need more of these numbers.

3. Choose a domain name that can be easily accessed.

Your domain name is the text equivalent of your IP address. You got a domain name for easy access when end users, who are potential customers, type in relevant content that could lead to your landing pages. Get a domain name as you study how to be your own web host because they are acquired from ISPs as well. They can help you find an unused domain name and reserve it. Reservations usually cost less than $15 per year, or cheaper if you pay for the succeeding years in advance.

4. Secure a web server that you can rely on.

The web server is the software that will run your website, so securing one is definitely a must. Understanding how to be your own web host is useless if you won’t be able to grasp how the web server works. Your web server helps your website connect with the Internet so that it could be accessible through the web browser. The most popular, Apache, is a free collectively developed program. So don’t worry about the expenses, because this highly reliable software won’t need to slash your budget. What you need is an efficient IT management service so that you can configure it properly. Operating system vendors like Windows and Netscape usually bundle these servers or sell them separately.

5. Get the computer unit that can run your web server.

Computer units vary in a lot of ways. In learning how to be your own web host, you need to know at least the basics that your web server needs. A typical server should at least have a good processor, large memory and hard disk, and this could cost you around $2000 or higher. Though it may cost you that much, just remember that the hardware is also an investment. It’s breakdown is a sorry loss for your business.

6. Lastly, find a qualified webmaster.

Your webmaster is not just anyone who can use a computer, nor someone just a page ahead of you in learning how to be your own web host. It takes certain skills and mastery of the field to ensure that the hosting service will not be less than excellent. You can’t afford a downtime. Downtimes can cut more than half of your revenue if you allow just anyone to manage your web host. You need someone who knows the language of the programming field such as C or Perl, who has the technical skills to keep your site running 24/7, and who knows your hardware and software. Since qualification is a must, hiring a webmaster can cost you around $80,000 a year, so make sure that you get your money’s worth by hiring based on qualifications.

Learning how to be your own web host could cost you much, but it can save you the financial consequences of downtimes and security breaches. So, your own web hosting service is one of the investments that can help your business grow.

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