Protecting your Company with Data Center Backup Ohio

Data Center Backup Ohio

Data is a crucial and vital resource for companies in Ohio; and worldwide actually. This is because with the right use of data, companies can make better decisions and improve their overall sales. This is why as mundane as it may sound, businesses and organizations need to protect the information they have with data center backup Ohio.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a small business or a large corporation, they are able to gather and generate important data. This is especially true if they have a website or social media channels. All of these can help in generating data which can be used to:

  • Find new customers or potential clients
  • Increase the number of customer retention
  • Improve overall customer service
  • A better take and management of marketing & sales efforts
  • The ability to track social media interaction
  • Be able to predict sales
  • Be able to predict trends important to the business

The type of data gathered and analyzed to achieve these things can be very sensitive. This is especially true with customers and clients because businesses are able to gather their Personally Identifiable Information or PII. This is where a strong data center backup Ohio can come into play.

Risks to Data

Because of the sensitivity of data, there are specific threats against them that data center backup Ohio aim to protect against such as:


A cybercriminal is a person whose objective is to steal personally identifiable information. While they know they can target individuals to get their info, they also understand that companies collect this and if they can get to that, they can steal more information in one go. This is why they’ve come up with various techniques in order to target companies and their data such as:

Social Engineering

This is a technique used by cybercriminals where they take advantage of employee information to use against them. For example, they can study certain aspects of an employee through social media accounts. They can then use this information to try and trick them into giving up important information or credentials of the company.

Malicious Software

One of the main reasons why companies need data center backup Ohio is because of malicious software such as viruses and Trojans. These are computer programs designed to infect computers and devices and help cybercriminals steal data or profit from them. 

Depending on the type of virus, it can:
  1. Provide an access to cybercriminals to company networks
  2. Directly steal information or data
  3. Hold data for ransom
  4. Delete data

By having data center backup Ohio, it is an option for companies to wipe a computer clean to remove the virus. It can then be rebooted using the backed up data.

Accidents and Disasters

There are several natural disasters that can affect an office. If that happens, the data contained in that office will be lost. A fire can break out in the building, a flood could happen, or an earthquake may hit, any or all of these can lead to huge loss of data. By having data center backup Ohio in a different location, the company would be confident that even if the worst happens, their data is safe somewhere and they can rebuild from that at least.

But it is human error that leads to accidents that cause the most data loss in an office. Whether it is through lack of training, absent-mindedness, or plain old bad luck, an employee can accidentally delete important files or data. This happens in any office and in some instances, has even become a norm. But it shouldn’t be.

At least with proper backups, data won’t be lost in a careless manner anymore.

With all these risks, it is important for a company to do what they can in order to prevent data loss. And at InfoLink Technologies, we can offer comprehensive data center backup Ohio service that is designed to store all your company’s important data and information securely. If you are in need of a reliable data center, you can contact us at 740 273-3464 or send an email to today.

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