Protecting your Data: Data Backup Storage Ohio

Data Backup Storage Ohio

Websites, social media channels, smartphone apps, all of these are channels that businesses can use in order to facilitate their products or services with their customers. These digital channels are able to produce large amounts of data that are relevant for the company. With the right use and analysis, you can make better business decisions that can lead to better revenue across the board. That is how valuable data is today for companies in Ohio and all over the world for that matter. And it is for that same reason why you need data backup storage Ohio.

Why Data Backup Storage Ohio is Important?

Losing data is almost equivalent to losing money. Most of the data that companies manage include sensitive information about customers and clients known as Personally Identifiable Information or PII. This includes names, contact numbers, email addresses, and many more. By providing this to you, customers trust you to keep it safe. 

When a company loses their customer’s data, this leads to public scrutiny. In turn, this means customers and potential customers both lose trust of the company and will not avail of their products or services anymore. This means a huge loss of revenue because you do not have data backup storage Ohio.

Studies have shown that at least 29% of companies who lose data end up losing revenue. And almost half of those companies lose significant amounts of revenue.

How Companies Lose Data

There are a lot of risks and potential threats against data. This includes the following:

Accidental Deletion

This is perhaps one of the, if not the most common reason for data being lost. Imagine an employee who’s almost at the end of his or her shift. Tired, ready to go home, and just wants to clean out the computer before going out. This is a dangerous mix that leads to that employee deleting the wrong files or folders which means data is lost and destroyed. 

Managers, company owners, and the employee would be very thankful if they had data backup storage Ohio

While backup is a good safeguard for this, it is important to nip the problem. Research has shown that accidental deletion happens because of lack in training or processes. This means the company needs to create a proper process and train their employees about it. In this way, accidental deletions can be lowered significantly.


There are people on the internet with one objective in mind, to make money out of other people’s information. They do this by stealing online banking credentials or Personally Identifiable Information which they can use in fraudulent campaigns.

These criminals know that companies are filled with customer information which they can use. This is why having data backup storage Ohio is important as it provides the company an extra layer of defense against these criminals. While it isn’t enough or it won’t actually deter data getting stolen from the main source, the company at least won’t lose it since they have a backup.

It is also important to note that viruses, Trojans, and malicious software are products created by cybercriminals as well. They use these computer programs to aid their goal of gaining access to corporate computer networks to steal data.

Other security measures are also required against cybercriminals which includes employee training, end-point device security, and antivirus programs to name a few.

Natural Disasters

A threat to data that cannot be avoided or defended against. A natural disaster strong enough to destroy an office may be a longshot but if it does happen to your company, you’d be glad to have data backup storage Ohio

Disasters such as storms, floods, and earthquakes have the power to disrupt entire cities. With proper backups, at least a company afflicted by a natural disaster would not have to start from scratch. 
If you are in need of reliable data backup storage Ohio, InfoLink Technologies can offer you exactly that. We have the equipment and people to ensure proper storage and the safety of your data. If you are interested in our service, you can contact us at 740 273-3464 or send an email to today.

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