Why You Need Data Backup Westerville?

Data Backup Westerville

Data today is considered as more valuable than oil. It is the most important resource for many companies. This is because with the proper use and understanding of data, they can improve their products and services for their customers. At the same time, they can use data to market better to the right audience as well. Basically, they can make more informed business decisions. This is why companies should invest greatly in disaster recovery solutions that include proper data backup Westerville in order to protect this important resource.

Data Risks and Threats

Today, there are a lot of risks and threats that can potentially lead to data loss. With proper data backup Westerville and recovery solutions, companies can at the very least minimize these.

Accidental Deletion and Sharing

Not all events of data loss can be attributed to sophisticated attacks or disasters. As a matter of fact, a shocking amount of data breaches are actually caused by the employees themselves who accidentally delete, share, or mishandle the data that they have access to.

A study by Shred-It in 2018 shows that 40% of senior executives say that their most recent incidents happen due to these accidental behaviours. 

Tired Cybersecurity Team

IT administrators bear the most responsibility when it comes to protecting sensitive information kept by companies. There’s so much burden placed on them and there’s little resources to support them. This leads to fatigue, stress, and even depression which can cause them to leave the company. If that happens, the company becomes vulnerable.

With managed service data backup Westerville solutions, this threat can be removed altogether.

Insider Data Theft

A lot of security measures implemented by companies are designed to protect them from external threats. While it is true that criminals play a huge role in data heists and attacks, it is easy to forget that internal employees can become threats as well.

It has been reported that 57% of data breaches happen internally. A majority of those are employees not in leadership positions.


One of the most prominent causes of data loss in the past few years has been ransomware. This is a sophisticated type of malware that can be avoided with the right data backup Westerville.

When a ransomware infects a network or a computer inside the organization, it will hold certain files and data for ransom by disabling user’s access to them. It will then send a message to the user that unless a ransom is paid within a certain timeframe, it will delete the data. 

If backup is available, a course of action can be to wipe clean the infected computer to remove the virus then restore it using the backup.

Phishing Emails

The amount of phishing emails are on the rise. Cybercriminals are getting better in crafting official looking emails that are designed to trick the recipient into giving up important data, sensitive information, or access details.

Password Hygiene

When it comes to data backup Westerville, passwords play a big role in protecting data both in transit and at rest. It helps ensure that only authorized people are able to access the files and applications.

However, there are companies reported to use terrible passwords that are easy to guess. This can lead to criminals easily gaining access to important files either in the original source or in data backup Westerville.

Natural Disasters

Then of course there’s the constant threat of a natural disaster such as floods, earthquakes, fires, and many more. A disaster can be big enough that it wipes out an entire office building. If this happens, all the files and data of a company can be lost. 

Not unless they work with InfoLink Technologies. 
We are a managed service provider offering end to end tech solutions. One of our prominent offerings is data backup Westerville. Our service is especially catered to ensuring that data is safe no matter what happens.

We do this by doing regular backups and copying them into different data centers. In this way, we ensure that there is always a copy readily available. If you need our service to keep your data safe, contact us today by calling 740.227.4223 or send us an email at info@infolink.net.

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