Understanding Data Backup Dublin

Data Backup Dublin

Did you know that at least 29% of businesses that experience data loss see a decline in their revenue? And did you know that 40% of those businesses see at least 20% loss of total revenue? Those are big numbers which some organizations cannot afford. This is a serious matter which should concern any business owner. In order to protect one’s company from this, they should have a robust disaster recovery plan which includes data backup Dublin.

Managed service providers offer backing up data as a security service to their clients. Basically what they do is copy the important files and information in an office’s network and safely keep them in separate data centers. They can also backup applications and operating systems as well depending on the agreement.

Risks to Data

There are many risks to data which is why recovery plans and data backup Dublin are important aspects in a company.

Hackers and Viruses

One of the most common threats to data are hackers. These are people who try to make a living by stealing sensitive information and using it in illegal activities such as identity theft among others. VIruses and malicious programs are common tools used by hackers in order to gain access to a computer.

Today, they target companies a lot because of their knowledge that organizations keep a lot of sensitive information such as customer data. They will try different means to gain access to the network and steal this information.

One way to thwart an attack is to have proper data backup Dublin. Even if they gain access to the network, companies can opt to wipe their network and restore it using the backup they have from their managed service provider.

An example here is when a ransomware infects the company network. This is a type of malware that collects information and data then locks them up. It then sends a message to the user that in order to get them back, they will have to pay a ransom; hence the name.

If data backup Dublin is available, the user can opt to wipe the computer clean instead to get rid of the malware and restore the system.

Physical Accidents

Many, many accidents can lead to data loss. Employees accidentally deleting the wrong files, coffee spilling on a laptop, a hard drive getting lost while the user is travelling for business, and natural disasters such as fires, floods, and earthquakes can all lead to massive data loss.

In any of these scenarios, having data backup Dublin can help the organization recover from such accidents. 

Types of Data Backup

There are several ways a company can backup their data.

Local Storage

One of the simplest ways to backup information is by copying them onto local storage devices. For example:

  1. Copying files into the secondary hard drive of a computer.
  2. Copying files into an external hard drive or USB drive.
  3. Copying files into the office server.

While all of these help create backups for the company, they may not be enough. If an accident happens in the office, both the original source and backup are affected.

Cloud Storage

Most service providers offer cloud storage as a way to accomplish data backup Dublin. The data is copied and transferred over the internet into the cloud server of the provider. Users can easily access all their files and applications by simply connecting to the internet and logging onto their account.

This system can also be configured to do regular backups automatically. It can be daily, weekly, or monthly, depending on the need of the office. The important thing is that the backup continuously happens without interference. 

InfoLink Technologies offer one of the most robust cloud data backup Dublin. We have a variety of plans to fit your company’s needs. We also make sure to use the latest security measures for both data in transit and data at rest so that they are always kept safe. If you need reliable data backup systems, you can contact us today by calling 740.227.4223 or send us an email at info@infolink.net.

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