What is Data Backup New Albany and Why do you Need it?

Data Backup New Albany

Data loss is a serious problem that any and all companies in Ohio, and around the world for that matter, has to face. Most companies today hold sensitive information such as customer data. Proper analysis of this data can help them improve their products, their services, marketing, and increase their revenue. However, if they are not careful, it can lead to losing customers and money. This is why data backup New Albany and other disaster recovery solutions should be implemented by companies who hold sensitive information.

Research shows that more than half of companies that experience data loss, either through an attack or a breach, face subsequent public scrutiny. This leads to loss in brand reputation and customer trust. 29% of these businesses lose revenue due to this.

Implementing data backup New Albany is one way to help protect against the many risks to data today.

Data Risks


When it comes to data risks, cybercriminals come to mind immediately. These are people who try to find ways to infiltrate corporate networks with the goal of stealing sensitive information so they can use these for their own gain. 

Once a cybercriminal gains customer data for example, they can use this to commit identity theft. They can also use this information to steal money or make unauthorized purchases.

Malicious Software

There are a lot of different viruses and malicious software that aim to steal data as well. One of the most prominent types today is called ransomware.

Ransomware can be very dangerous, especially if the company does not have data backup New Albany. Basically what this  program does is infect a computer or a network. Once inside, it looks for important data or files. It would then lock this up and prevent the user from accessing said files. 

The program would then send a message to the user that in order to regain access, they would have to pay a ransom within a specific time limit, or else the data would be deleted.

If the company has data backup New Albany, a course of action is to delete everything in the computer to remove the ransomware. It can then be restored using the backed up data.

Accidents and Disasters

A surprising number of data loss is actually attributed to the company’s own employees. A study shows that 40% of executives say that their most recent incident happened because of an employee accidentally deleting or sharing important information.

Other accidents can lead to data loss such as an employee who’s travelling losses his or her laptop in transit. Or maybe someone accidentally spills coffee on a hard drive containing important files.

In these scenarios, employees, managers, and business owners would be so glad they have data backup New Albany in order to save the lost data.

Types of Data Backup New Albany

There are different ways to backup data such as copying it from the source computer into an external hard drive. However, one of the best ways is through data backup New Albany offered by managed service providers.

Data backup systems come in many shapes and forms. What’s important is that they are able to copy data into servers or storage facilities that have the latest security software and solutions to ensure the safety of the data. At the same time, it is best that they can be backed up at predetermined intervals such as every day or every week. 

Easy access to stored files and data should be available too. This is normally done through an internet connection. Files and applications can be backed up online and employees can access them through that as well.
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