Security Features of an Affordable Web Hosting in Knox, Ohio

Security is one of the major concerns of e-commerce sites. Online businesses are a common target of cyber attacks. This is because of the information that criminals can gather from them. This is why entrepreneurs need to understand the different security features that they should look for even in cheap web hosting. These features should be part of the affordable web hosting in Knox, Ohio that they will avail.

There are built-in security features that affordable web hosting in Knox, Ohio provides. Some security features are the basic security measures, while some are advanced. Advanced security features are commonly available among the best web hosting services. You can choose to avail the same kind of security for your business website if your budget permits.

Affordable Web Hosting in Knox Ohio

Many small and medium-sized businesses are running on a tight budget. It would help them if they can get an affordable web hosting in Knox, Ohio with the best security features. Here are the basic security features that your affordable web hosting in Knox, Ohio should possess:

Guaranteed Uptime

Uptime refers to the accessibility of your business website from the end of consumers. This allows end users to type into the web browser and find your address through search engines. This accessibility provides your website with the capacity to respond and connect to the web browser. It establishes the connection between your business website and your customers. The security features of an affordable web hosting in Knox, Ohio ensure that this connection will not be disrupted.

How can uptime secure your business website? When your website is up, its security features are working. The server is secured, as much as your website is. If the server is down, your website loses its accessibility, as well as its built-in security features.

Cyber attacks can easily take over your system during downtime. In fact, most attacks begin with paralyzing your system thru downtime. Make sure that your affordable web hosting in Knox, Ohio can guarantee at least 99.99% uptime for your website.

SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate or Secure Sockets Layer is a must for e-commerce websites. This is the security feature that encrypts important information that goes to and from your website and the web browser.

The web browser will establish a connection with your website. Then, the SSL will create a protected pathway. This will keep information private. Information stays encrypted as they transfer between your site and the browser.

SSL certificate is popularly recognized as the locked padlock icon on your address bar. It is also the “https://” before your web address. An affordable web hosting in Knox, Ohio should have the basic SSL security feature.

Encryption of data can help you secure your customers’ information. This information includes private information, and credit card or banking numbers. It also includes social security numbers and other information used during online transactions. E-commerce sites that deal with sensitive information ought to utilize SSL. This will make your affordable web hosting in Knox, Ohio a reliable hosting provider.


Firewalls are the initial security measures of servers during attempts of cyber attacks. It is the security feature that fends off SQL injections, cross-site scripting, and other techniques that target server vulnerabilities. An affordable web hosting in Knox, Ohio can be susceptible to such attacks, so you need to keep your firewalls up.

You can have a network firewall and a web application firewall (WAF). A web application firewall monitors HTTP traffic flow that goes through web applications. This is a specific security measure in web application firewalls that identifies it apart from the usual network firewall. An affordable web hosting in Knox, Ohio should have both.


Backups are your source of most recent data in case you lose some of them after an attack. Cyber attacks come in different forms. Cybersecurity can only prepare for the known types of malware.

During zero-day attacks, malware can be discovered only at the time of the attack. The best security features can only mitigate the damages on your data. In any case that you need to retrieve your data, backups will be your source. This is how backups work for the security of affordable web hosting in Knox, Ohio.

Thus, it is advisable that all your data are secured with backups. Updating your backup daily can help you prepare the most recent data. This will ensure that despite a data breach, your online business can always bounce back. Backup is a preventive security measure for your affordable web hosting in Knox, Ohio.

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