What is a Web Hosting Service in Franklin, Ohio and the 10 Types of Hosting Services Available

What is a Web Hosting Service in Franklin, Ohio? This question is a frequent question for those who would like to set up an online business in the Ohio county. And more inquiries are coming from those who are trying to take their business into the e-commerce industry. The Understanding what is a web hosting service in Franklin, Ohio has to be followed by the basic knowledge of your options in web hosting services. But before we discuss the types from which you can choose, let’s briefly tackle what is a web hosting service in Franklin, Ohio:

The knowledge of what is web hosting service in Franklin, Ohio refers to the understanding of provision of accessibility to websites when they are online. The process begins when end users type in their browser what they are looking for. End users, most of the time, are customers looking for the products or services you market online. Then, the inquiry will be passed through a web server that provides the web hosting service for your website. As the web server identifies that the inquiry can be answered by your website content, it acquires your web address and throws it the browser of your customer so it can be accessed. That is what a web hosting service in Franklin, Ohio can do for your business.

What is a Web Hosting Service

So, what is a web hosting service in Franklin, Ohio? It is the means for your website to exist. Without a web hosting service, your content will remain offline, and as good as a scribble on physical paper that no one would be able to read.

Types of web hosting services:

What is a web hosting service in Franklin, Ohio that is advisable for newbies?

● Shared web hosting
For beginners, this small-scale web hosting service is the most advisable. It’s cheap since its price starts at $5. Though you must note that since it is sharing a web server from other websites, there are limitations with the security and the amount of traffic it can hold. To prevent downtime, it is advisable to use shared web hosting only if your website is new and there is a limited number of visitors. Migrate to a different service once needed.

● Reseller web hosting
This web hosting service is similar with the shared web hosting service. Its price is a little different for the only thing that made it different from web hosting; you can open your space for lease. Its account may be vary, and it may have its own virtual dedicated server or colocated server.

● Home server
This is usually a machine in a residential setup to host websites from a consumer-grade broadband connection. This is commonly used for companies or residences that need a home network or internet for the accessibility of the websites they host.

What is a web hosting service in Franklin, Ohio that is appropriate for huge websites?

● Virtual Dedicated Server
Also known as the Virtual Private Server (VPS), this web hosting service allocates resources into several virtual servers which ought not to reflect the underlying hardware. Users will have a root access to their own online space while admin tasks, patching and maintaining the server can be assigned to a customer.

● Dedicated Hosting
This is quite expensive to use as web hosting service, since you are going to pay for the exclusivity of the web server which will only cater to your website. Though the server is not yours, this service is advisable for websites that need more controls and capacity to accept huge traffic surge.

● Managed Hosting
The difference between dedicated hosting and managed hosting is the control. Managed hosting is controlled by the web hosting service provider while dedicated hosting is allowed access to controls of the website. Both uses a single server for one website, so the performance of your website is certain.

● Colocation web hosting
This web hosting service is the most powerful and the most expensive. Similar with the dedicated hosting service, this enjoys the power of a single server. This colo server is owned by the website owner, though excellent IT management is still provided on top of the control and security that the host provides.

What is a web hosting service in Franklin, Ohio that can provide flexibility in resources?

● Clustered hosting
This type of web hosting service involves multiple servers in order to expand the capacity of hosting a huge website. Websites that hold billions of visitors every minute requires multiple powerful servers to avoid downtime. The difference of clustered hosting from cloud hosting is that

● Cloud hosting
This hosting service is a new type of platform that allows customers to access powerful servers that are merged in order to facilitate with flexibility. If your website would need less resources, you get to pay only what you’ve used. And if your website grows into a frequently visited website, it can easily adjust with the space used and avoid downtime. It is composed of clustered web hosting services, yet allows less fee due to the use of cloud, unlike with the usual clustered hosting that a fixed fee has to be given for the hardware investment.

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