Different Types of Web Server Hosting Services Columbus

Web Server Hosting Services Columbus

The internet is a vast space that provides so many opportunities for businesses and organizations. Having a website today has become almost a prerequisite. People and potential customers trust a company more if they have a good looking website. And the first step to that is having the right type of web server hosting services Columbus.

What is a Web Server?

A website is composed of data and files such as images and text. This is then put together to be viewed on a web browser. In order for it to be available on the internet, it needs to be “broadcasted” first by placing the files inside a web server.

A web server is a computer designed to connect to the internet and share data to it; in this case, a website. 

What is a Web Server Hosting Services Columbus?

Anyone who wants to put up a website needs a web server. They can get this in two ways:

  1. They put up their own web server. This, however, can be impractical especially for simple websites just because of the cost and maintenance resources it takes to have and operate a web server.
  2. Another option is to go with web server hosting services Ohio who essentially has multiple servers and rent out space in them.

Types of Web Server Hosting Services Columbus

There are many different types of web server hosting services Ohio available. Each of them have their own pros and cons. While one may be better than the other based on your needs, there is no single best type of server. It all depends on what the goals are and what needs to be accomplished.

Shared Hosting

A shared hosting is characterized by multiple websites and accounts sharing a single machine. One server is set up with high capacity in terms of resources and storage. However, those resources are divided up among all the websites stored in it.

From a cost perspective, this is the most practical type of web server hosting services Ohio. It is affordable and it does the job; especially for websites that do not demand a lot of resources. Small businesses, community groups, and bloggers all make best use of a shared hosting. 

This is a simplistic approach for website owners to get on the internet. But with the goal of expanding, this may be a temporary setup. Once the website growns and traffic increases, the demand for resources will grow as well.

Dedicated Hosting

This is probably the most powerful web server hosting services Ohio. Basically what this means is that an entire server is set up just for a single account or a single website. All the resources are dedicated to that website.

In addition to that, users are provided with complete control over the operating system. With shared hosting, this is not possible because there are other accounts on the server. Using complete administrative control, you can basically do whatever you need with the server.

All of this comes at a high cost however, since this is considered a premium service. Monthly retainers of dedicated hosting plans can get really high.

This is the best plan for websites that demand a lot.

Virtual Private Server

Also known as a VPS, this type of web server hosting services Ohio tries to blend together the positives of both shared hosting and dedicated hosting plans. 

Like in shared hosting, there is still a single machine that runs and stores all the websites. The main difference is that a virtual machine is installed inside essentially creating multiple “computers” inside one physical computer. This offers more resources and customization options for the user while keeping the cost lower than a dedicated hosting plan.

If you are in need of any type of these web server hosting services Ohio, InfoLink Technologies is here to help you. We have years of experience in providing clients with the right resources and server setup to meet their needs. If you are interested in our service, you can contact us at 740 273-3464 or send us an email at info@infolink.net today.

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