What is a Web Hosting Service in Columbus Ohio and Questions to Ask in Picking the Best One

In the e-commerce race, every business has to jump into online marketing or else, they will lose a larger market. The buying habits of consumers have shifted from physical to virtual purchasing brought by their busy lifestyles. Thus, small and medium businesses need to take advantage of equal virtual exposure to give the business an edge against the highly publicized popular brands. How is this possible? Effective IT Management can help you in making your business as accessible as big businesses online.

Proper IT Management begins with asking what is a web hosting service in Columbus Ohio and how you can pick the best web host for your small and medium businesses. Let’s begin with what is a web hosting service in Columbus Ohio:

Web hosting is the service provided in order to make a website accessible online. Basically, it is providing online existence so that visitors can read your site and eventually make a purchase. So, here are the frequent questions about what is web hosting service in Columbus Ohio:

Frequent Questions to Really Know What is a Web Hosting Service in Columbus Ohio that Suits You

Web Hosting Service

Getting a web hosting service is picking a provider that will keep your business’ existence online. The uptime will always be important because the performance of the website, as brought by web hosting, is directly affecting the business revenue. Thus, it is important that what a web hosting service in Columbus Ohio can provide is a reliable server that would be able to keep your website up and running. Downtimes are equivalent to losses, so capacity of the web hosting service should definitely be considered. When considering a web hosting service, ask yourself the following:

Can you handle technology?

Being tech-savvy is already an advantage when you are trying to put up a website. Your skills in managing technology also determines the type of service that you can handle. Usually, regular staff can handle shared hosting while those web hosting services that provide more controls over the website will require a comprehensive knowledge in IT management. Also, take note of the web hosting services that provide expert customer support. If you are a newbie in the tech industry, their expertise is a must in order to ensure that your money won’t go to waste once you have begun your online marketing efforts. If you have determined your capacity to manage your website or your capacity to pay for other people’s expertise, only then that you would be able to decide what is a web hosting service in Columbus Ohio that would best suit you and your business.

How much are you willing to pay?

The amount of money you are willing to invest determines the type of web hosting service that you will be be able to avail. Take for example is the shared hosting service that would require only $5 per month, while a dedicated service will be asking for at least $100 per month. Those are not the only options, though. You may opt for a reseller hosting service or a cloud hosting service. Their prices vary and all these depends on the possibilities that they provide for your website. Shared hosting is cheap but is limited with security and controls. Dedicated hosting provides security and other features yet very expensive. So, you need to determine how much you can spare to determine what is a web hosting service in Columbus Ohio that you want to invest on.

How heavy is your expected traffic?

The amount of traffic or number of visitors that could possibly access and take interest in your website is a huge consideration in choosing the web hosting service that you will avail. If your website is just starting and you think it would take some time before it can gather enough visitors, then a shared hosting service would be enough to handle the traffic. But huge traffic is beyond the capacity of a shared hosting service, thus you should opt to transfer to a service that can handle heavy traffic in order to avoid downtime. Remember that downtime is equivalent to revenue loss, so you should pick a provider that could give you peace of mind. If huge traffic is expected yet you can’t afford a dedicated host, you can try transferring into a cloud hosting service, where you pay only the resources you use. That is the most convenient compromise if your revenue can’t sustain a $100 monthly fee. Once you have figured out how much traffic your site is expecting, you can then decide what is a web hosting service in Columbus Ohio that can help you succeed in the virtual market.

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