The Types of VOIP Services Columbus

VOIP Services Columbus

VOIP Columbus is becoming one of the most popular channels for communication. More and more businesses in Ohio and even around the country are switching over to their services to provide them with VOIP. And it is easy to see why.

What is VOIP?

Also known as Voice Over Internet Protocol, VOIP is a technology that makes it easier for people to stay in touch and communicate by using the internet. It is able to convert analogue signals such as voice audio into digital packets. This will then be sent over through the internet. Once received at the other side, the digital packets are converted back to the original audio.

Basically what this means is that VOIP Columbus allows for people to make phone calls over the internet. This makes it a lot cheaper as compared to traditional phone services. At the same time, it offers more features and functionalities as well.

Types of VOIP Columbus

Enticing as it might be, business owners shouldn’t just sign up with the first type of VOIP service that they find. There are several different types available today and choosing the right one to fit the business’s needs is important. They each have their strengths and weaknesses to take advantage of.

Device Based VOIP Columbus

The first type is one of the simplest VOIP Columbus services available today, the device based system.

First, the company will have to purchase the specific device from the service provider. The device will then be installed in the office, usually by connecting it to the phone they want to use for internet phone calls. Once installed, the phone will now be connected to the internet and calls can now be made.

The main advantage of this is that there’s only a one time investment in purchasing the device. The phone can now be used to make unlimited phone calls as long as it’s within the United States.

Software Based VOIP Columbus

Probably the most popular VOIP Columbus system is the software based service. What this means is that the company will install the software into their computers to access VOIP services. Once it is installed, they can now make phone calls through the internet using their computer.

The main advantage of this is that employees would most probably have computers anyway so there’s not much investment when it comes to hardware. The computers need to have a sound card and input and output for audio as well.

Mobile Based VOIP Columbus

This is similar to the software based VOIP Columbus service whereas the application is installed in order to access the service and make calls using the internet. The main difference however is that mobile based service is installed on mobile smartphones or tablet computers.

The main advantage of this is that it provides the employees with great mobility. They can access and use the service no matter where they are. As long as they can connect to the internet, they can use the service. This is perfect for those who constantly travel.

Cloud Based VOIP Columbus

The next level of software and mobile VOIP Columbus. Instead of having to install the software on their own machines and maintain it, they can get access to the software already installed on the cloud. Every user will get their own unique account. They can then use any type of device such as desktops, laptops, tablets, or smartphones to access their account and use the service.

This provides the most in terms of features and functionalities while reducing the worries of maintenance of the software itself. This is now part of the service from the provider.

VOIP Provider Columbus

When it comes to VOIP Columbus, InfoLink Technologies is one of the leading providers. We offer several types of VOIP services designed to fit our client’s needs and requirements. If you are in need of a reliable partner when it comes to communication, you can contact us at 740.273.3464 or you can send us an email through today.

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