The True Cost of Cyber Attacks

July 18, 2019
Cost of Cyber Attacks

If you watch the news with any kind of regularity, stories of companies falling victim to a cyber-attack almost seem commonplace nowadays.
Typically, the attacks are centered around credit card information or personal records like medical or personnel.  Either way, it never plays well on the news for the company who fell victim.

In 2017, cyber-attacks cost the global economy over $450 million and the average breach costs a company around $3.6 million in total.
Aside from this terrifying amount of money, cyber-attacks take their toll on companies in ways that are tough to recover from.

The “Unseen Costs” can include…

  1. Damage to Brand and Reputation
  2. Loss of Intellectual Property
  3. Compromised Customer Relationships
  4. Huge Insurance Costs

The days of approaching cybersecurity for your business as a second thought are over.  Companies both large and small, from huge manufacturers to private medical practices must all become vigilant and take aggressive and proactive steps to protecting themselves…NOW.

Chances are, if your company DOES become a victim of a cyber-attack, you won’t end up on the six o’clock news.
But what would it cost YOUR business?  And could you survive it?

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