Data Protection and Backup: Small Business, Big Risk

July 18, 2019
Data Protection and Backup

Let me start off by saying that I am supremely confident that data backup and recovery for your business is not exactly at the forefront of your daily concerns.You have clients, patients, and customers to satisfy.  Inventory to manage, bills to pay and operations to control.  Your day to day business operations take up every moment of every day and there is little room to be proactive about anything.But…data backup and security is a lot like flood insurance.  You don’t really give it much thought until the coastguard pulls up to your front door in an inflatable zodiac to rescue you.

And while I am at it, I am willing to bet that if you DO experience some catastrophic computer/network disaster, you are going be REALLY concerned about getting your data back.

Systems will be down, clients won’t be getting serviced and you are going to be giving serious consideration to day drinking at work.  And if there is a problem with restoring all that data, and YOU were responsible for backing it up, let’s just say you won’t be the most popular kid in the lunchroom.

And because the only way that I am going to be able to get you to take this seriously, here are some scary statistics to ponder.

  1. 20% of all small businesses will be hacked within a one year’s time period.  Yep, one in five.
  2. Of all the companies who suffered a critical data loss for more than a week, 93% declared bankruptcy.
  3. Do you manage your own network?  40% of you will have it accessed by a hacker. And half of you won’t even know it happened!
  4. Almost a third of all targeted attacks are deployed on companies with under 250 employees.

Now at this point, you might be thinking to yourself…” Hey pal,back off with the spooky disaster statistics.  We do backups.”

But my question to you is HOW do you perform them and HOW OFTEN?

I remember my first job was working for a veterinary hospital and the office manager at the time would perform system backups once a week on tape.  Then she would take that tape, stick it in her purse, and take it home until it came time to perform another backup.

Now, for 1989, this wasn’t a bad system, despite the myriad of things that could have gone wrong.  Like, what if the backup didn’t work (we never tested it)?  Or what about all the data that we collected in the six days between backup sessions?  Were we just ok with losing all of that?

Today, we have a variable cornucopia of options when it comes to backing up and securing our critical I.T. data.  From multiple/redundant external drives to cloud solutions, we have come a long way from taking a data tape home in our purses.

Andbecause each business’s data and I.T. environment is different, it is wise to talk to a professional firm who can assess not only the best service or tool, but the procedures and policies that will hold your shiny new backup system together.

InfoLink works with multiple vendors to provide just the right solutions that are tailored to your specific business and needs.  No cookie cutter fixes here.

And the best part is…we can actually SAVE you money on your solutions, not cost you more.To schedule a free evaluation of your systems and get answers on how to protect

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