Different Types of Web Hosting Services Ohio

Web Hosting Service Ohio

The internet has become an essential channel for communication and information. The frontline of the internet today are websites. Basically this is a collection of information stored in one or more pages using text and other media. This has become the backbone of information sharing on the internet. And for anyone or any business that wants a website, they first need the right web hosting services Ohio.

How Web Hosting Services Ohio Helps

Websites are made up of different files to form its various pages. These files, in order to be accessible through the internet, need to be placed in a web host or a server so they can be shared on the internet.

A web host is basically a computer as well which is designed to provide information to the other computers connected to it. In this case, it is connected to the internet and it provides website information to those who request it. 

While people who want to put up a website can create their own web host or server, it is impractical. It costs way less to get web hosting services Ohio.

But do not just sign up for the first web hosting plan you find. There are different types of web hosting plans that fit different needs.

Types of Web Hosting Services Ohio

Shared Server

The first and probably simplest web hosting services Ohio is the shared server. What this means is that multiple websites and different user accounts share the resources of a single computer/server. This provides a cheap and affordable way to gain access to a web server.

However, this is very limited in terms of resources such as storage capacity for files and media as well as bandwidth for transferring data from the server to users. In other words, there is a limitation to what you can do with a shared server as well as the amount of traffic it can get.

In essence, shared web hosting services Ohio is best for corporate websites or simple portfolios that have a few web pages and do not have complex functionalities.

Dedicated Hosting

This is the exact opposite of a shared server; a dedicated host means exactly that. An entire web server is dedicated for a single website or account. All of its resources are there at its disposal.

Websites that may need this type of web hosting services Ohio include e-commerce websites that have thousands of products and pages. They need a lot of space in order to host all of this data.

At the same time, websites that get a lot of traffic may also need dedicated hosting services as well in order to accommodate the amount of data transfer required.


A VPS or Virtual Private Server combines some of the affordability of shared hosting and some of the power of dedicated hosting. In essence, it is the middle child.

Cloud computing has opened the doors to so many opportunities, and this includes VPS. What this does is create a virtual environment inside a powerful computer to “create” a separate computer. So a single hardware can create several virtual machines.

The advantage of this web hosting services Ohio is that it provides way more resources to the website as compared to shared hosting services. The cost is kept minimal because the entire machine isn’t actually dedicated to a single account. 

What is the Best Type of Web Hosting?

Basically, the best type of web hosting depends on the needs and requirements of the website being created. While it is tempting to go with a dedicated hosting because of its power and functionalities, you may not need it. At the same time, shared hosting may not be able to support the amount of traffic the website gets.

To ensure that you get the right web hosting services Ohio, we can help determine your requirements at InfoLink Technologies. We offer a range of hosting services that cater to the specific needs of our clients. If you are planning to put up a website, let us help you. Contact us today by sending an email to info@infolink.net or call 740 273-3464.

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