Type of Services with Web Hosting Prices That Are Worth Every Cent

Web hosting services could really increase the operational expenses of your business. However, it is a necessity that you can’t simply forego. You need web hosting services to occupy a virtual space and make your business accessible online. This is why entrepreneurs need to know the different web hosting prices from which they can choose.

Entrepreneurs usually consider their budget. Thus, they would initially look for free web hosting or cheap web hosting services. These are the web hosting services that provide the impression of cost-efficiency. However, cost-efficiency is not limited to web hosting prices per month. You need to get the value for your money, instead.

Your business needs a web hosting service to fully function and reach your customers. You can’t possibly risk the inaccessibility of your business in exchange for monthly savings. The inaccessibility of your business defeats the very purpose why you are taking it online. It was supposed to tap the virtual market and boost your revenue. Thus, varying web hosting prices are just a minor concern as long as there will be a return of investment.

There are several web hosting types that can offer the resources your business needs. Choose the web hosting prices that won’t rob you of money. These paid web hosting services have their unique feature that can help your business gain back what you pay for. Let’s discuss them one by one:

Shared Web Hosting

Shared web hosting is the most affordable among all paid web hosting services. It is the cheapest because of what it can offer and how the web hosting costs are divided among multiple accounts. The web hosting prices for shared hosting starts at $5 and could be as much as $15 per month. Here is the feature that made shared web hosting prices worth every cent:

Shared Environment

Shared web hosting prices are cheap because the cost of IT services is divided among the accounts. It is called shared web hosting because one server provides a certain amount of computing resource for a number of websites. This is how shared web hosting can offer standard resources for web hosting. Yet, it wouldn’t ask for the high web hosting prices that other services usually ask.

Aside from the distribution of web hosting costs, shared web hosting service also has provision for a sudden increase in resource demand. Other fixed web hosting packages can’t provide such because you need to identify your set of resources before availing the service. In shared web hosting, this is possible because websites are not restricted with the amount of resources that they’ll use. They may use the portion of resources that other websites can’t utilize.

VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server or VPS hosting is the modification of dedicated hosting service. It is reliable yet without the sky-high web hosting prices. Instead of solely allotting a server for one website, VPS hosting provides a shared environment. Despite sharing a server, its resources are exclusively assigned per account. Let’s discuss further this feature that made VPS web hosting prices the most affordable dedicated hosting service.

Exclusive Resource Allotment

VPS hosting uses virtual machines or VMs. These VMs serve as partitions within the server shared by multiple websites. Within every virtual machine is a specific resource allotment for every account. An account can’t use their neighbor’s resources unlike with shared hosting.

However, exclusive resource allotment is a double-edged sword. It would be sad that during sudden spikes in demand, you can no longer borrow resources from others. It was supposed to be advantageous to avoid downtime. On the other hand, if you are part of the other websites in a shared environment, you might run out of resources when one website consumes too much of the server’s resources. That is what we call the bad neighbor effect.

Exclusively allocated resources in virtual machines can avoid the bad neighbor effect. You will use what you paid for. You share the server so that costing is also shared, lowering the web hosting prices. Yet, you don’t need to share resources with other websites. If you are worried about sudden spikes in demand, you can always anticipate these scenarios. Choose a package that has enough allowance for unexpected resource demand.

These are just two types of services that can provide the necessary resources to run your business website, without compromising your budget. Never worry about the web hosting prices, because shared and VPS hosting can surely deliver an ROI.

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