The Types of Data Backup Solutions New Albany

Data Backup Solutions New Albany

Today, there are several different ways and types of data backup solutions New Albany. This is an important process in order to protect the important files and information a company can have. This includes files that employees have been working on for weeks. It can also include sensitive information that they use to complete their tasks. And it can also include other forms of information that helps business owners make better decisions for their company.

It goes without saying that losing these data can be disastrous for any company. Take Pixar as an example. They almost lost a multi-million dollar and award-winning movie, Toy Story 2. 

During the production stages of the movie where a lot has already been created, one of the associates accidentally triggered a delete command. They stared in horror as the computer destroyed every file that they’ve worked on for months. The movie was only saved because another employee was working from home during this time. As such, that employee kept backup copies of the movie to take home and work on.

Don’t let your company get into the same position. With data backup solutions New Albany, you can save yourself and the company from expensive mistakes.

Research has also indicated that data loss can directly lead to losing revenue for a company. At the same time, customers tend to lose trust in a company that loses their data which can have a severe and negative effect on the company as a whole.

All of these things can be avoided with the right data backup solutions New Albany.

Types of Data Backup Solutions in New Albany

Today, companies have several different options when it comes to the type of data backup solutions New Albany that they want to use. Each have their own pros and cons.

Full Backup Solution

The first type is the full backup solution. As the name suggests, all the files and data are backed up here. The target computer or network would be filled with different types of files so the system would copy all of them in exactly the same way. It literally replicates what the company has in its network.

The entire backup would then be placed in a secure storage facility. Because it replicated the entire contents of the company’s network, this requires a lot of space and resources. At the same time, it takes a while to do any subsequent backups because it will have to copy everything again and overwrite all the other data already in storage.

Another advantage of using a full backup is that the restoration process can be done faster.

Incremental Backup Solution

When it comes to incremental data backup solutions New Albany, this is a “smarter” system as compared to full backup because it has the ability to choose what files or data to backup.

The first step it does is still do a full backup which acts as the foundation. This is then kept in the secure storage facility. The next time a backup is done, the system would only choose files and data that were updated since the last backup. This makes the process faster.

However, the restoration process can be a bit slower with an incremental backup.

Differential Backup Solution

Differential data backup solutions New Albany is very similar to incremental where it chooses files that have been updated to backup. All of that is the same except for one thing.

In order to speed up the restoration process, this uses a lot of space and resources. In this case, both the backup and the restore processes are faster. However, it takes up a lot of space.

Mirror Backup Solution

There is a solution that essentially mirrors the network’s files so that it doesn’t carry obsolete files. It would then do a backup in predetermined times to take a “snapshot” of the current files and data. The downside is if a file is accidentally deleted and not restored before the snapshot, it will be gone forever.

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