Common Features of Top 10 Web Hosting in Licking, Ohio

Entrepreneurs seek the top 10 web hosting in Licking, Ohio as their guide. A list of the best web hosting for small business can help them consider the best options for their online business. However, there will be various lists that would recommend so many web hosting companies. To trim down that list, you must know what made these web hosting services part of the top picks. Check on their features. Which features do they all have? The common features of these services made them part of the top 10 web hosting in Licking, Ohio.

Here are the features that are common among the top 10 web hosting in Licking, Ohio:

Top 10 Web Hosting


Uptime refers to the availability of your website online. It provides accessibility to your business. It is comparable with a rented physical space, so you can set up a store. Online, uptime is the allotted time for you to occupy that virtual space. If your website suffers from a downtime, your business will not reach your target customers. You won’t make it to the top 10 web hosting in Licking, Ohio.

Tapping the virtual market demands consistent availability to be part of the top 10 web hosting in Licking, Ohio. When you are accessible, customers can easily go back to your website, and eventually avail your services or purchase your products.

Downtime could be due to depleted resources, internal mistake, or malicious attacks. During downtime, you lose customers anytime they try to check your website and you’re not online. When you lose one customer, you also lose all the possible sales that your website could have generated through that client. Thus, you can’t be one of the top 10 web hosting in Licking, Ohio if you can’t stay online.

Disk Space and Bandwidth

Disk space and bandwidth work hand in hand in keeping your business up and running. They play their own roles in keeping your website accessible to your customers. Here’s how:

Disk space or storage space

Is one of the basic computing resources needed by the top 10 web hosting in Licking, Ohio. Disk space allows you to upload content into your business website. Any content type can be uploaded into your site provided that you have enough disk space. Just like the typical file storage that we have, if the memory is full, you can no longer add files. The storage space allotment for your website depends on the top 10 web hosting in Licking, Ohio that will provide your resources.


Is also one of the computing resources that helps keep your business data accessible. If disk space refers to the capacity of your website to host accessible content, bandwidth refers to accessibility itself. Bandwidth allows data transfer in order for site visitors to reach your website. Its amount determines the number of people who can access your website at the same time.

Less bandwidth means fewer site visitors. Worse, if your visitors exceed the capacity of your site, it will lead to downtime. The same thing happens when your site runs out of disk space. Ensure higher uptime guarantee by availing sufficient disk space and bandwidth for your online business. If you keep your resources sufficient, you can always vie for the top 10 web hosting in Licking, Ohio.

Security and Backup

Security and backup services work hand in hand in keeping your website free from security threats. Part the usual security features of the top 10 web hosting in Licking, Ohio are preventive security measures that fend off malicious attacks. One of these measures is the daily monitoring of incidents and activities within your network. This daily log will make up the internal intelligence report. If there is unusual behavior, that will be separated for further observation. Upon confirmation, the threat will be eliminated. That is how a cybersecurity program works for the top 10 web hosting in Licking, Ohio.

Back up services complement the role of a cybersecurity program by providing the most updated copy of your website’s data. A zero-day attack is inevitable, that is why the best you can do is secure your website as fast as possible. Faster response means less damage. After an attack, the backup services can be the source of data to recover from the damages. This is why a daily update of your data back up is recommended. The most recent updates can provide better recovery. This is how the top 10 web hosting in Licking, Ohio work on their security.

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