Why technology companies in Ohio are thriving–and why SMEs should be happy

When you hear the word “tech” or “smartphone” it’s easy to automatically think of California’s Silicone Valley. After all, it is the global center for social media and high technology. But that’s not the only place that’s making waves in the world of innovation. Technology companies in Ohio now consistently keep making a name for themselves. From shy but determined soloprenerus to business leaders in emerging industries, Ohio is now becoming a haven of skilled techies.

Technology Companies in Ohio

Technology evolves every day; and in Ohio, the companies choosing to go the tech route are increasing in number. Today, reliable IT infrastructure empowers partnerships, knowledge-boosting, and innovation. On top of that, cybersecurity initiatives in the state are some of the greatest in the whole of America. There is a long list of things employers in the tech world can do in Ohio, too. That list includes:

• Being able to hire talented and dedicated tech wizards from Ohio’s brightest universities, colleges, and other academic institutions which, by the way, produce a whole lot of well-trained workers.

• Partner with experienced IT companies composed of different field experts.

• Function at a reasonable fraction of potential cost when stacked up against Ohio’s coastal counterparts. It’s no secret that the cost of living in the Buckeye state is much cheaper in more commercial places in the U.S.

• Take advantage of the fact that Forbes’ Top 10 Rising Cities for Startups named Ohio to be the only state with two cities in that list.

Whether leveling up to fiber optics, robotics, artificial intelligence, IoT, smart mobility, and other forms that demand digital solutions, Ohio has all the secret ingredients to turn your company into the leading game players in tech today.

Why entrepreneurs find the best technology companies in Ohio

Let’s do the math: Ohio has more than 200 academic institutions that produce almost 200,000 students every year. What’s more, there’s a ton of unique programs in Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Columbus that bring together universities, high schools, and companies, to come up with STEM development programs and internship arrangements.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that talent is often overlooked in Ohio simply because they’re fused in businesses that aren’t always perceived to be in tech. The Kroger Co, for example, employs hundreds of IT professionals simply because the business giant understands that its biggest success strategies are hinged on investing in digital. Other iconic conglomerates that have thousands of IT experts put together are JPMorgan Chase & Co. and P&G. These companies, as mentioned, aren’t particularly in the IT identity of branding, but they sure do pour a lot of their funding into IT very easily because it is the future.

Are technology companies in Ohio because it’s an innovative state?

Many years ago, it can be recalled that the state invested in the “technology-based economic development initiative” that is Ohio Third Frontier. As a result, an ecosystem for startups and people in business has thrived. Because of that, Ohio now enjoys more than twenty accelerators and incubators in its startup bubble. That said there is a sturdy community of professionals across varied disciplines who get come together, collaborate and learn from each other.

It also doesn’t hurt that Ohio is among U.S.A.’s strongest when it comes to data science, analytics, and other facets that require some skill in artificial intelligence, machinery, cybersecurity, and digital efforts. The state’s many universities and colleges have a good stretch of analytics programs which benefits the equally many analytics companies growing in Ohio. That said, both parties basically feed off of each other at this point. Schools produce IT experts, and the top companies in Ohio, specifically those in tech, continue to invest in the state’s talents.

In short, the answer to the question posed in the header of this segment is yes. Technology companies in Ohio continue to grow because it really is an innovative state.

It really comes as no surprise to anyone at all that, at some point in one’s enterprise, the need to resort to cyber solutions will come up. Every business will call for IT augmentation. You don’t even have to be one of the largest employers in Ohio to admit that. From IT assurance and implementation services, and structured wiring to custom website designs, there is no escaping the power and reach of IT.

For starters, consider reaching out to the leading IT company there is in the state. With more than a decade of expert experience and a professional pool of skilled cyber leaders, Info-Link Technologies thrives and continues to grow by the day. Have an IT concern? E-mail them at info@nfolink.net now!

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