Technology Assessment Adds an Edge to Your Company Strategy

The world is definitely changing rapidly and our lifestyles are evolving. While interests and needs are the same, tech has been increasingly ingrained into our day-to-day lives. The same can be observed in business. We’ve transitioned from paper reports to office software, from file cabinets to cloud storage, and from mailing systems to emails and messaging apps. With these changes come technology assessment.

As we speak, more tools are being developed catering to different business problems such as project management, human resources, customer relationship management, sales and others. Availing of this technology is second nature in a way to us as we become less hesitant to try new things. However, there are still businesses who are conservative in their approach to innovation.

Is there a way of achieving a sense of balance, to use new technology with more care but without closing our minds and lagging behind? The answer is in the careful evaluation of these new tools whether hardware or software, desktop or mobile, accessories or main components, online or offline. Adaptation is a priority but careful and thoughtful decision-making brings numerous benefits while avoiding risks. These are why it’s important to conduct a technology assessment

Technology Assessment

Technology Assessment in Your IT Systems

One of the common IT weaknesses in small businesses is not having proper data backup. Where does your company store its information? Relying on one storage device alone puts your trade in serious vulnerability.

There are several ways to lose data. The computer crashes. Your external hard drive gets stolen. A main folder was accidentally deleted. A hijack renders your laptop unusable and control gets transferred to an unknown attacker. Keeping information on paper is tedious, hard to search, and more prone to getting lost.

An information technology assessment report would alert you to these weak points so your IT team can immediately brainstorm of ways to improve them.

Optimize Usage of Tech Resources

Are your employees aware of all the functions your business-owned software is capable of? Wouldn’t it help management and trainers if they knew how to make interactive presentations with their desktop applications? Do you have staff with high-end computer processors but have no need for them in their scope of work?

The worldwide average cost for wasted software is 37% per company. IT professionals can point out the need for training or reassigning hardware for other positions once they’ve evaluated the use of your current tech. They can also point out any upgrades or replacement needed for those that are outdated or nearing overuse, keeping your money invested optimized.

Identify Bottlenecks in Bandwidth

As more people access your website or employees share your internet connection, traffic and usage increase. These eat away at your allotted bandwidth. The term, “power user,” is used to describe those who use more than a terabyte a month.

A proper technology assessment impact analysis would give you a clearer idea of how your bandwidth is used every month while your IT experts can manage it better. Also, share the results with the rest of your company. Encourage them to be mindful of their internet use.

Enhance Your Cyber Security

Small and medium businesses (SMBs) are irresistible targets for online crime. Almost half of cyber crimes are directed towards small businesses. Out of those who do fall victim, 60% of them end up bankrupt in six months or less after. It’s easy to think that your business might not fall into these statistics.

However, in 2016, more than half of small businesses say they’ve been attacked by cybercriminals in the past year. Half also said they’ve experienced data breaches. The cost of recovering from the damage averaged at almost $900,000 while halting their businesses cost them as much, a near total of $1,800,000. Don’t wait for this to happen to your company, and you’re buried in debt and lawsuits.

Streamline Processes

When a computer’s performance slows, one way a user can improve it is by defragmenting using the preinstalled function. A business scenario of defragmented scenario is similar wherein the company is hindered by a broken system of parts. Ideally, these have to seamlessly work together so a person’s workflow becomes fluid and so will the business.

Tools and software are now available to help various departments and, at times, focusing on different tasks. Integration is a recent innovation to make these systems work together like puzzle pieces, sending information from one application to the next.

When two or more programs weren’t designed to integrate together, you’ll need the assistance of reliable IT specialists. To accomplish it, they need to understand how each is used for in the company.

In order to gain all these benefits, you need knowledgeable experts you can trust to give you an analysis tailor-fit to your company and up-to-date with the times. Choose Infolink Technologies and call them now at 1.800.239.5989 for quality technology assessment.

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