Structured Cabling Service Companies

If you’re a business leader who’s had to Google-search the phrase: network cabling solutions near me, you’re not alone. There are dozens of questions entrepreneurs are supposed to have answers for, and this is one of them. Think about it: your IT infrastructure is the backbone of your enterprise. In the absence of a reliable network, your

If your business is making use of outdated technology, it’s definitely time for an update. An old network isn’t going to take your brand anywhere. One of the most beneficial updates your business can make is by switching to a reliable structured wiring system.

Structured Cabling Types

There are two ways data can be transported through network cables—structured cabling systems and point-to-point cabling. Despite the advancement of technology, hundreds of businesses still use point-to-point cabling. What not everyone knows is that this set-up has a tendency to trigger problems because of complexity and size issues. To better understand, it’s important for leaders to know how point-to-point works.

Structured Cabling Services Companies

This set-up is established by connecting a network component, a switch or device, a server, or another device that connected to another network component that makes use of fiber-optic wiring. Roughly two decades ago, this wiring set-up could have been considered a sophisticated solution for connecting and stringing networks together. During that time, it’s also important to remember that networks and IT teams used to be small.

Arrangements have changed now. Networks continue to grow and the relaying of data is now more crucial. That said, sustaining a point-to-point system, supplemented with hundreds and hundreds of cords necessary in the cabling equation of it all becomes too heave for a business’ IT network to handle.

To prevent this, a lot of companies now resort to a structured cabling system. Instead of stringing every network component to each other, a structured cabling system strings the storage and server units straight to communication infrastructure. In other words, cabling panels are placed throughout your business headquarters and is connected to the communication backbone with just one cable. As a result, a user can then attach his device to the entire network solely by plugging a cable into the nearest cable panel.

Structured Cabling Advantage

If you run a start-up, it isn’t surprising if the first idea that pops into your head once you hear the term “network cabling solutions” or structured writing is the price. Isn’t that more expensive, you ask? A quick answer could be yes. If anything, however, it definitely is an investment. If you plan to grow your business, structured cable wiring is the way to go.

Here are the reasons why your SME will benefit from a structured cabling system

You’re not going to have to spend on repairs as much. Because structured wiring is divided into a group of devices strung to a sole cable panel, it will be simple for your IT company of choice to figure out whatever issues will arise. Another perk is that members of your in-house team who aren’t connected to the network will not experience any disruption. This means they can continue to work when they need to.

Structured wiring helps you plan ahead. Generally, cables have an estimated lifespan of nearly two decades, if not only for 15 years. This makes it roughly three times longer compared to how other cable set-ups would last. If you still make use of a point-to-point cabling system, just know in advance it’s not going to see you through in the next year. When you resort to structured wiring, you can future-proof your IT infrastructure and plan ahead more accordingly.

Enhanced flexibility is another thing. The best example of this is the ability to add more devices to the network. When you go for structured wiring, you’re not going to have to disrupt and rearrange everyone else’s devices just so you can include yours. Instead of rearranging cables and purchasing new servers, all you’re going to have to think of is connecting the device to the nearest cable panel. Should you no longer need to plug it in, simply disconnect the device.

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