Staff Augmentation Consulting

Staff augmentation has been a common practice in the business industry for several years now. The food and IT industry have been strong supporters of this labor arrangement. By making use of staff augmentation consulting to help out, IT staff augmentation aids in bridging the gap between working with a remote team and hiring in-house computer wizards.

Ohio-based Info-Link Technologies is a stunning example of an IT company that does just that and more. A leader in the computer industry for more than a decade now, Info-Link Technologies continues to provide quality IT talent, making sure services are tailor-fit for each client; factoring in their brand message, business vision, and enterprise direction.

Having partnered with hundreds of start-ups and small-to-medium-sized businesses, the sought after Ohio company continues to raise the bar by extending their tech services to help establish the businesses of their clientele.

In the past couple of years, outsourcing IT help has increasingly become the go-to move of many organizations. Furthermore, studies have noted that between one-half and two-thirds of thriving and up-and-coming enterprises are most likely to resort to temporary staffing and freelancers to solidify their brand and run operations smoothly.

To add, staff augmentation consulting presents many perks, including flexibility as needed and steady, more doable project turnarounds. They’re also very cost-effective. By encouraging seamless work procedures, clear communication, and the use of management tools, organizations can guarantee the success of every project and business undertaking.

Still, there are dozens of companies that don’t know how to go about how these arrangements can work. While the concept of staff augmentation is basic, it’s crucial to know how to make most of this labor model.

Staff Augmentation Consulting

3 Steps for Staff Augmentation Consulting to make the most

  1. Make sure communication is always clear
  2. Be specific with role descriptions and always evaluate workflows
  3. Utilize the right management technology

1. Make sure communication is always clear

According to certain studies, more than 80% of executives and employees claim that the lack of communication and collaboration is the number one determiner of failure in the workplace. That said, clear communication is elemental to the success fo whatever business venture and project each company sets out.

Procedures and methodology have to be established early on to develop a cycle that encourages open communication, as well. If not utilized as much just yet, project management tools can be considered an integral component in each phase and department to foster the spirit of collaboration.

When outsourcing IT experts, it’s crucial to be communicative to ensure success at all times.

2. Be specific with role descriptions and always evaluate workflows

Many business leaders shy away from giving certain employees fancy job titles and whatnot, and while that can be beneficial, it’s also just as helpful to clearly define roles so everyone knows their function in the business. Aside from job descriptions, titles are good reminders of who people can turn to when things go messy or when people need help. Both external and internal stakeholders need to comprehend the underlying values of each project and assess how these can be properly distributed to every staff member, outsourced or not.

Team leaders and project managers should be very clear about what their role is and where their tasks end. For staff augmentation to be efficient, a credible, tried and tested workflow has to be followed. Everyone should understand the value of each step and respect the process.

3. Utilize the right management technology

There is no turning back. Technology is here to stay for good, both for residential living and business purposes. To maximize what you pay for when working with an outsourced team, make sure the management tools you’re given access to are updated and premium. These tools can vary depending on what your business projects call for but tools such as Basecamp, Asana, and Jira are great examples.

Code documentation is also a very crucial step. It is the backbone of every possible application; therefore, your business’ tech experts should prioritize this step. Organizations should make an extra effort to guarantee that outsourced teams keep track of their coding. Because these professionals don’t work with you for long periods on end, it’s important that you establish transparency to prevent any issues on trust and confidentiality breaches in the future.

If you have a staff augmentation proposal you have in mind or have questions about what a staff augmentation business model looks like, reach out to the leading Ohio-based IT adviser! Having been around the industry for more than a decade now, Info-Link Technologies can help your brand reach its highest IT potential! Email them now via

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