Staff Augmentation Service Agreement

If you’re ready to go over your staff augmentation agreement, let’s re-visit how staff augmentation, in general, is more than just a good idea for start-ups and thriving businesses. If you’re not as acquainted to the concept of staff augmentation as you should be, know that having the right people at the right business seasons help prevent hiring and recruitment costs, makes filing specialized roles in immediacy possible and gives you the power to scale your workforce headcount as needed in the business.

What is Staff Augmentation?

Staff Augmentation is about the outsourcing of temporary professionals who show up at your office to perform certain tasks. This process is especially helpful for businesses that don’t need the same number of employees all-year-round.

For those who already understand how the arrangement works, the next logical step is to make sure a staff augmentation agreement is put in place. Remember that, while these people are experts at what they do, they will be exposed to confidential business data. Yes, they will be paid to augment and protect you, but every business leader knows that certain information is best exposed to a business’s core team only.

Needs for staff augmentation service agreement in business

Contracts can sometimes be too stressful for many entrepreneurs to take care of. Many times, if other parties don’t demand for one, several business leaders forego the need for a contract. But one can never be complacent. Legal battles can sprout like dandelion seeds.

Staff Augmentation Agreement

When working with staff augmentation deals and contracts, it’s imperative that you choose to work with a trusted lawyer who articulates, not just your brand vision, but your terms and conditions when it comes to third-party business relationships.

Don’t forget that temporary staff on-site can be privy to confidential processes, technology, and data. That said, it’s imperative for you to make sure your propriety technology, intellectual property, and business interests are kept safe. This may seem like an additional expense to you, but remember that several businesses spend lots and lots of money on propriety technology development and trade secrets. Like every business, some data can lead to financially hurting a business once exposed to the public.

This is exactly why it’s important that a non-disclosure clause is included in every staff augmentation contract. This prohibits staff from sharing and exposing information about your business. It’s also equally important to specify what exactly it is you want to protect. Things that can and cannot be disclosed should be written down.

Importance staff augmentation service agreement

If you want to play it safe, you may include a non-compete clause in your staff augmentation agreement. This clause type prevents an IT expert from collaborating with a competitor while they render their services to your business. Many other contracts even state that these experts may not work with your contemporaries even after their time with your business is over.

It’s a safe move if you think about it: this prevents your temporary staff from sharing, whether intentional or not, confidential information about your business. It also has to be really clear what a “competitor” is, what industry you’re referring to, what geographic location, and what specialty. This part of the contract should also cite a logical timeframe as to how long it’s valid for.

Make sure that this part of your contract is reasonable, as many contracts have parts that are unenforceable when matters are taken to court. A good example is this: a judge is clearly going to find in non-logical if a contract states that an IT expert is unalloyed to work for another tech agency a decade after he or she has resigned. Conversely, the same level of shock or disbelief may be elicited if a contract stops an IT expert from working for another tech company even after a year of separation.

Non-compete causes aid in seeking your personal information, but don’t neglect the importance and weight of where a temporary staff member can work afterward.

How staff augmentation service agreement protects your business from breaches and vulnerabilities

Several tech agencies are faced with the daunting task of eliminating, if not lessening, vulnerability businesses are exposed to. This becomes even trickier if your headcount increases. Know that devices abound more and more as each day passes, and so being prepared and specific about what’s secured and what isn’t should be made clear.

Do you have more questions about the benefits of staff augmentation and how a staff augmentation contract example looks like? Contact now!

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