Small Businesses Need Hosted VoIP

It’s time to reflect on your business. Create a map inside your head. Put a pin on every pivotal business move you have done from the start. Put a pin on where you are now. Think: Where will the next pin be? What business move do I need to do to push my business further and establish it in a larger scale market?

This is where Small Business Hosted VoIP systems come in.

It’s normal to feel intimidated by the idea of switching to a hosted VoIP service. SMBs, in particular, may feel this way as bigger businesses were the first to make use of cloud VoIPs.

However, that doesn’t mean big businesses are the only ones who can adopt this type of service. Hosted VoIPs are actually more beneficial for small businesses.

As 99% of United States employers are made up of small business, it is safe to say that a more flexible phone system is needed to reach a greater audience. Ohio has always stayed at the cutting edge of telecommunication technology. This has made it possible and essential for small businesses hosted voip in Columbus, Ohio.

Hosted VoIP Benefits for Small Businesses

Small Business Hosted VoIP

VoIPs benefit companies of all sizes. This is what you can–and will–achieve from changing your telephone service.

1. Cost-efficiency

Technology is essential for modern day businesses, but costs pull them back. The reason why big businesses have adopted the cloud VoIP telephone service is because the technology was impressive, but the cost was low. Just in set-up alone, hosted VoIPs are much cheaper than on-premise ones. For one, there are no set-up fees for hosted VoIP systems. Hosted VoIP phone systems fall under operational expenditure unlike the capital expenditure of traditional ones, making it more attractive to fellow businesses. Businesses that have incorporated hosted VoIP have noticed a decrease in their monthly outlay for phone service and phone system maintenance as compared to their previous telephone service. The best thing about this is that it does not require businesses to buy a physical phone system. As the system is cloud-based, it is maintained by the host provider. All you need to do is purchase VoIP phones which is comparatively cheaper than traditional telephones.

2. Flexibility

SMBs are expected to be elastic. Unlike big businesses that sell regardless of the product, SMBs have to constantly adapt and change to the times, bringing in either more or less of a certain product or service. These kinds of businesses need to have a phone system that does the same. Hosted VoIP can be that phone system. Businesses can add phones whenever and wherever they need them with a hosted VoIP service. A traditional phone system requires a huge capital that isn’t always future proof, but a hosted VoIP service allows you to start with what you have then expand it when your business grows. The cloud-based system also allows businesses to deploy phones when needed. Plus, callers don’t need to call specific numbers for certain locations. The cloud-based system of hosted VoIP services allows callers from wherever to simply dial a universal number. Business don’t have to worry about having to frequently upgrade their VoIP as the host provider is in charge of that. It’s an investment for not only the present, but also for the years to come.

3. Competitive Edge

The faster you get with the times, the faster you get to the top. Small Business Hosted VoIP solutions are feature-rich, updated to compete with both dated and new telecommunication services. Businesses have the ability to program features to improve communication both internally and externally. In today’s market climate, a hosted VoIP telephone system is what even big businesses are needing. Your business will get the competitive advantage if this is your telephone service. Your business can even reach a global scale through this service. Hosted VoIP is multi-locational. It has a simple algorithm for adding geographical locations from all across the globe, even including home based employees. Office locations can be added anywhere and everywhere as long as there is an internet connection.

Technology has optimized the phone service, making it affordable and more comprehensive. This impacts multiple areas in your business from customer service to sales to business development. The small business hosted VoIP has pushed the market to compete at a much faster pace. To be able to keep up in your industry or move ahead of other players, updating your technology is necessary. Find a service provider that will help push your business forward. Contact Infolink Technologies now at 1.800.239.5989.

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