Paid Hosting Service Vs Top Free Web Hosting

Free web hosting might be the initial pick of entrepreneurs to launch their online business without any monthly cost. That is quite understandable, given the limited budget of starting entrepreneurs. However, when you are investing in a business for future revenue, the free website domain will not be an ideal choice. Even the top free web hosting services can’t ensure the growth of an online business.

Free web hosting and domain are not the business assurance that you need to keep up with the e-commerce race. The upfront discount of a monthly fee sounds like a huge discount. However, cost-efficiency is not solely measured by the flat monthly fee. There are features of paid web hosting that can top free web hosting services in terms of costs. Let’s make a comparison between a top free web hosting service and a cheap web hosting service.

Here is the comparison between free web hosting and shared web hosting:

Cost Efficiency

When it comes to cost-efficiency, the top free web hosting services would claim that they are the best pick. This is due to their free hosting service. They don’t require a flat monthly fee to provide the service to websites.

However, the reliability of the top free web hosting services can cause additional expenses in the future. Eventually, you need to add more features that the top free web hosting services are not offering. You would purchase that separately and it would cost more than the usually paid service because it’s already on demand.

Shared web hosting provides all the basic features that your business would need. It would be sufficient to carry out the function of an online business website. Even the top free web hosting services can’t provide sufficient features. All are limited and can only take your business to a point that you will need an overpriced upgrade.

Top Free Web Hosting

When your business grows, a shared web hosting service allows you to upgrade to a better hosting package, providing more resources while keeping the price affordable. There are even paid web hosting services that offer migration services in case you decide to transfer to another provider. Even top free web hosting services can’t offer these.

Here are the web hosting features that could cost you a fortune when purchasing them separately, on demand, for your top free web hosting service:

Disk Space

Even the top free web hosting service can’t provide the storage or disk space that can accommodate all your business content. It could be good for a typical blog post or a basic website for advertising the business.

However, an online business is not just that. You would need to be competitive against other online business websites. You need variations in content, including multimedia. You need applications that can ease your customers’ website experience. All these things require storage space, which top free web hosting service can’t provide. Shared web hosting might provide just the basics, but at least it provides enough for you to launch a business website.

Traffic Volume Capacity

Traffic volume is the common cause of downtime when bandwidth is not sufficient. It is also the reason why page loads are slow, especially when a lot of people are trying to access a website. Top free web hosting service offers limited bandwidth that is good only for a starting blog. When your website begins to gain some traction, its bandwidth will no longer be able to handle the volume.

On the other hand, shared web hosting services provide a standard bandwidth feature for businesses. It even allows you to borrow resources allotted for other accounts sharing the same server. This is necessary when there is a sudden spike in traffic volume that is beyond your usual demand. It helps your website avoid downtime due to insufficient resources. If the high demand continues, you can always upgrade, unlike with top free web hosting services.


IT support is one remarkable feature that shared web hosting provides, which is not present even in top free web hosting services. The 24/7 IT support ensures that your system is in place and that your business is up and running. In cases of technical issues like internal mistakes, hardware malfunction, or even a security breach, a dedicated IT support team got your back. They will provide the IT solutions that you need to resolve the issues and avoid downtime. Unlike with top free web hosting services, you need to work your way out alone.

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