Managed Hosting as One of the Top 10 Web Hosting in Franklin, Ohio

Your business needs a web hosting service that can deliver all your web hosting demands. You can find this service on any web hosting comparison. No matter how many reviews you check, there will always be one type of web hosting service that would stand out. It’s the one that would qualify for the top 10 web hosting in Franklin, Ohio. No one can argue that the best web hosting service you can get would be a managed hosting service.

Definition of Managed Hosting

Managed hosting services pertain to a certain web hosting package. This package includes technical and administrative services for a website. This service was a specific term for dedicated hosting. In dedicated hosting, managed hosting provides IT support. A dedicated IT support team manages the server allotted solely for one client. That is why dedicated web hosting services were the only qualifiers to the top 10 web hosting in Franklin, Ohio back then.

Managed Hosting in Franklin

However, managed hosting is no longer limited to dedicated hosting. It is already available in co-location, cloud, and virtual private server (VPS) hosting services. Choose the web hosting service you find applicable for your business. Then, consider availing managed hosting services. Why? Managed web hosting packages are those that qualify to the top 10 web hosting in Franklin, Ohio.

What Qualifies Managed Hosting to the Top 10 Web Hosting in Franklin, Ohio?

Expertise qualifies a web hosting service to the top 10 web hosting in Franklin, Ohio. This is only possible if you run your business website with the help of a highly-qualified IT support team. They are the technical experts that can keep your business operational 24/7. Here are some of the technical and administrative tasks that they can manage on your behalf:

  • Maintenance
  • Managed hosting services qualify for the top 10 web hosting in Franklin, Ohio because of its expertise in IT management, specifically, maintenance. Maintaining a business website is much more time-consuming than putting it up. Setting up your website is a one-time task, while maintenance is a daily commitment to your business.

    System maintenance can take up too much time from an entrepreneur. That time could have been allotted for business concerns. Managed hosting can take all the maintenance jobs and let you focus on growing your business. That is why managed hosting made it to the top 10 web hosting in Franklin, Ohio.

    The maintenance tasks that managed hosting takes charge of include but is not limited to the following:

    1. Website content update: install and update all software
    2. Upgrade of web applications when patches are available
    3. Troubleshooting, finding, and, fixing problems
    4. Website optimization
    5. Server scanning for irregularities or potential failures

  • Security
  • Managed hosting provides 24/7 security. Its dedicated IT support team implements security measures to prevent, and eliminate threats. They also administer a disaster recovery plan. This can help business websites retrieve lost data and settings. After an attack, you can run the business as if nothing happened. This advanced security of managed hosting made it one of the top 10 web hosting in Franklin, Ohio.

    An automatic system monitors irregularities and unusual behavior within the system. It is the initial security measure of managed hosting. This will provide internal intelligence that makes up the daily logs of incidents. Your IT support team will analyze this report with an external intelligence report. It aims to verify possible security threats.

    The preventive security measure of managed hosting includes virus scanning. Also, managed hosting services administer spam filtering and firewall configuration. They also take care of operating system updates. They secure even the standard physical security of the data center. The preventive security of managed hosting made it one of the top 10 web hosting in Franklin, Ohio.

    Detection and elimination of cybersecurity threats are effective when fast. Thus, managed hosting administers real-time security assessment. It fends off threats even before they affect your website’s content. This is important especially for zero-day attacks that can slip through preventive security. Less exposure means fewer damages. A fast security detection and elimination process is possible with managed hosting. That is why it is one of the top 10 web hosting in Franklin, Ohio.

    The next security measure is applicable after an attack. This is the disaster recovery measure. It will help your business website bounce back and resume transactions. It uses your daily updated backups to retrieve your business data and settings. You don’t deserve to lose revenue because of a security breach.

Considering all these that managed hosting can deliver. Choose security and reliability for your business website. Choose the one that qualifies to the top 10 web hosting in Franklin, Ohio. Choose managed web hosting services for the best IT management service.

Managed Web Hosting


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