Why Information Assurance (IA) is Important for Every Business

September 5, 2019
Cyber Security

In a New York Times article, news correspondent Constance Gustke emphasizes that no business is ever too small to be digitally taken over by cybercriminals. In his report, he says that a San Diego-based toy store faced its ultimate nightmare when their system was hacked. What’s worse is that this wasn’t the company’s first time. Along with this era’s rapid advancement in technology, comes the convenient danger of being digitally compromised and put to harm. This is where IA (information assurance) should come in.

Every business, no matter how big or small, is bound to use a system or two to run and maintain the smoothness of operations. The harm here is if there is no security whatsoever protecting one’s IT technology. To many unaware of what information assurance actually is, it’s wrongly referred to as a classy, superficial service that’s less than optional for offices. Some think IA is a process where an IT expert examines your existing software, installs security updates and keeps it from receiving malware. 

But the truth is, IA is elemental to every business’ IT management plan to safeguard and ensure system and data integrity, availability, and confidentiality. IA serves as a warranty promising that information will be made accessible to authorized personnel when necessary. The need for online security assurance has never been more needed until today. 

For businesses that exchange and keep personal and property information using information networks, it’s the information inside these individual machines that call for protection. As we continue to face more network security issues, IA (information assurance) has continued to be a more vital professional necessity that’s crucial to the safety of one’s business data—both private and public. 

As this is a discipline in an evolving science, experts in this field should be adept to various IT secrets, trades, and professional software in order to counter cyber attacks and digital espionage. Right off the bat, it’s safe to say this is something not any person in business can learn overnight. Soloprenuers, no matter how sharp, quick-witted, and flexible, are not exempt from the need to work with IA experts. If you’re not entirely convinced yet, below is a solid list of what problems IA covers.

Conventional Business Problems Information Assurance (AI) Can Fix

Many businesses have management struggles in that the need to find a more effective and hastened way to handle one’s company network can be a challenge. IT outages are common, too. Not only do these harm your system, but they also keep your staff from being able to work efficiently, too. The absence of formal agreement also doesn’t forward your business’ cyber safety. 

All these mentioned it’s imperative that entrepreneurs choose to collaborate with an IT company that takes care of their business’ IA matters.

Here are the many perks a brand gets once you employ an IA services company:

An Information Assurance (AI) Company Can Guarantee Quick Responses to Your Needs 

Once you take advantage of an IA company’s services, you’re sure to always come first. Under this customer engagement solution, your concerns are taken care of first over non-priority clients. 

Information Assurance (AI) Includes Network Monitoring 

Network monitoring consistently records the standing of your network including bandwidth, mishaps, and other important indicators. As a result, you and your personnel will constantly experience can enjoy a stable environment. 

Information Assurance (AI) Provides Detailed Reporting

This form of documentation is incredibly important. Comprehensive reporting can present any file containing data on a plethora of digital facets. Whether it’s long-term or short-term, sudden or planned, IA can uncover any issues you’d like to be educated about. 

Information Assurance (AI) Guarantees Remote Network Support

You won’t be in your office 24/7. And that’s fine. With IA, your system is sure to be kept safe and protected wherever you are whatever time of day. An IA company can resolve server or network issues anywhere. Hence, your IT resources will always be up and running. 

Information Assurance (AI) the Handling of Server Configuration 

Server configuration management delivers premium productivity and EDR security by devising, deploying and implementing standardized server settings.

Information Assurance (AI) Includes Firewall Management

Firewall management consistently handles the effectiveness and the smoothness of your business firewall; an intricate system that calls for careful attention to make sure your business is kept protected at all times. 

Info-link technologies is a company that’s able to do all these and more. Having been in the IT industry for more than a decade now, Info-link Technologies can promise you the complete IT assurance package by outlining a customized information assurance plan at a reasonable rate.

Contact Info-link Technologies today!

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