How IT Outsourcing Beats Control & Autonomy

December 13, 2019
Outsourcing IT

Independent-minded entrepreneurs and small business owners tend to recoil at the idea of IT outsourcing. Letting go of control and self-sufficiency may be a struggle, but it is often the only real option with regards to protecting IT infrastructure.

The IT staff in any business has their work cut out for them just to keep up with daily demands. Research shows that as much as 65% of IT budgets are spent on keeping employees on task with productivity, between such matters at printer problems and PCs being infected by slick cyberattacks.

In the meantime, backing up data and having a disaster recovery plan in place are crucial IT operations that consume a lot of time and resources, particularly when using traditional on-premise strategies. In fact, rare is the small or medium-sized business (SMB) that can afford to keep a cybersecurity expert on staff to deal with the ever-changing landscape of cybercrime.

How IT Outsourcing Supplements IT Staff and Resources

24/7 Internal Monitoring

The number of time-consuming daily fires IT staff put out can be greatly reduced with the help of a 24×7 operations center outsourced to a Managed Service Provider (MSP). Internal monitoring of an IT structure can help to prevent costly software, hardware, and applications failures as well as many other business disruptions. A 24×7 IT staff doesn’t make sense for SMBs. Round-the-clock monitoring provided with IT outsourcing catches preventable issues in time to avoid disruptions.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans

With limited on-site IT resources, SMBs are at risk of experiencing devastating data loss and business interruption. With IT outsourcing to an MSP, a practical solution can be designed and implemented to ensure that data is recovered and operations are quickly restored following a system failure or major cyberattack.

Your business success depends on your IT infrastructure. You need Info-Link Technologies to deliver proactive services that not only keep your network up and running but running effectively and efficiently.

What is EDR? EDR refers to endpoint detection and response, a set of tools designed to identify & protect endpoints from cyber threats. Find out more.

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