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If you’re a business person around the Arizona area and you’ve Googled the keywords “IT support Phoenix” and “managed IT Phoenix,” we understand exactly why. Knowing why IT services are important is one thing and knowing why only the best managed IT services Phoenix has around should be considered is another. Nowadays, companies of every size put such a premium on operational efficiency. Despite that, not every organization is equipped to do so. Most startups and small-to-medium-sized businesses don’t enjoy expansive IT resources. This means they can easily take the backseat when it comes to network management and updates. When this happens, this places companies’ IT infrastructure at risk of a breach or an outage.

This is precisely why for many enterprises; managed IT services are the solution. This kind of IT arrangement has been on the rise in the business industry for quite some time now. In fact, a study reveals that more than 60% of companies in 2016 used some type of managed services. The same study also forecasted that the managed services industry would experience revenue growth of up to 12% until 2020. This alone showcases how valuable the managed services business has become for many entrepreneurs.

Benefits of Managed IT Services Phoenix

Managed It Services Phoenix

If you’re still unsure about how managed IT services can help your business, let’s factor in the very core of why managed IT services exist, to begin with. To begin, let’s look at how these services differ from the break/fix solution. For a lot of managers and business leaders, they only ever invite IT experts when something is wrong. Meaning, when their IT system gives the perception of being functional, they immediately think nothing is wrong. The danger to that mentality is that it can be costly.

First of all, break/fix services only have IT experts come to the “crime scene” to fix whatever your IT concerns are. They charged by the hour and depending on the “diagnosis” of your IT system, rates can also vary. Take note that this alternative becomes more expensive the longer these technicians are in your office.

On the other hand, managed IT services, guarantee a consistent relationship between IT service providers and clients. That means agencies that take care of IT work manage your network for as long as your contract with them, usually having flat rates every month. This helps businesses save more, as their IT system becomes stronger due to the constant supervision of the IT providers of their choice. Should something go wrong, these IT wizards are also expected to repair whatever is damaged without an additional cost. After all, you already pay by the month.

In summary, break/fix maintenance presents solutions only when something in your system goes awry, whereas managed IT services help prevent them in the first place. With a break/fix solution, you and your staff are also kept waiting while IT professionals fix your system. With managed IT service providers, repairs don’t take that long since they know what your system needs right off the bat. Meaning there is no longer a need to spend hours anchors just finding what the problem is. they, again and after all, do take care of your IT system on the daily, anyway.

Why Choose The Best Managed IT Services Phoenix?

For several business people, especially those who are still starting out, it can be common to be skeptical about the whole managed IT services concept. break/fix services don’t demand monthly fees, right? And because of that, it has to be the cheaper option. Know that the break/fix arrangement also lessens your chances of obtaining accurate service accountability. as a result, this also affects the general guarantee of your IT system working greatly again. If these IT experts make money by the hour, why work on fixing everything in one visit?

Should you keep resorting to the break/fix arrangement, the chances of your IT infrastructure becoming more significantly damaged progress even more. This means you’ll have to keep contacting IT experts repeatedly. An hourly rate may lead to a purposefully slowed-down service.

To state the obvious, it also becomes increasingly expensive and potentially unsustainable for your business. Because brands majorly rely on running operations, it’s no secret that IT should be one of the top priorities for entrepreneurs. On that note, only the best managed IT services Phoenix has to offer can help you with your problems.

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