Managed IT Services Dublin

Managed IT Services Dublin

Managed IT services Dublin is fast becoming a popular solution for many companies in the area and all around Ohio. There are many advantages to this type of service but all in all, it covers all a company’s IT needs. From setting up workstations to managing complex connections and infrastructures, a managed IT service can help a company with all of those. They have experienced people and all the latest tools and equipment to efficiently get the job done.

Types of Managed IT Services Dublin

It is important to understand however that there are many different areas in technology. Knowing this can help a company find the right provider for their requirements.

Network Infrastructure Setup and Maintenance
A network infrastructure of a company is composed of the computers, workstations, phones, printers, servers, routers, and any part of the technology they are using. Managed IT services Dublin is able to create a proper plan or strategy for companies so that they can get the most out of their network setup.

Of course, providers are also able to implement the strategy and actually deliver the setup. They can also maintain all aspects of it to ensure the entire network is running at full capacity.

Database Management
Companies today collect a lot of data such as customer information, employee records, and financial transactions to name a few. All of this data goes to a database where they can be managed, analyzed, and used in different software or applications. Managed IT services Dublin offers database management so they can take care of end-to-end solutions when it comes to handling the data.

Hardware & Software Support
Workstations are composed of both hardware and software. The hardware are those that you can physically touch and software are the programs or applications inside computers and other devices. If something breaks down, then managed IT services Dublin can take care of it.

Computer repairs and crashes are common occurrences if the systems are not well maintained. This can hinder the productivity of the office and it should be dealt with immediately. This is also why it’s best to hire a managed provider in Dublin so they are close to your office and can come in when needed.

VOIP Services
Communication is an important part of any business. Whether it’s calling internally to colleagues or discussing with customers, a phone is a vital part of any office. VOIP, or Voice Over Internet Phone, is fast becoming the communication channel of choice by companies in Dublin and all over the country. This is due to their improved costs, features, and functionalities as well.

Data Storage
Storing data can mean having to expand the company’s internal server capacity regularly. As more data is collected, more space is needed. This can be costly in a number of ways.

One, it’s costly because the company needs to purchase new resources. Two, if something happens to the physical office, all that data is lost.

Managed IT services Dublin offer data storage so that companies can safely hide and store their important and sensitive data. These are stored in secure servers managed by the provider and access is granted only to specified owners.

Probably one of the most in-demand managed IT services Dublin, cybersecurity plays a very important role in any company. This basically covers the safety and security of the entire network.

There are many threats out there to company security such as viruses and malware. These are programs specifically designed by malicious people to invade and cause havoc in computer systems. Their effect can range from slowing down computers to stealing important information.

There have been cases of ransomware infecting company files as well. What happens is that the program locks certain files of the computer until the owner pays a ransom or else all the files will be deleted. This can be a costly infection.

Hiring a Managed IT Service Provider in Dublin

While there are a lot of managed IT services Dublin available today, companies can also opt for an all-encompassing service as well which basically means the provider will take care of all the IT related needs of the company. InfoLink Technologies has the people and the equipment to deliver on that. If you want to learn more about our services, contact us today.

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