Managed Hosting VS Free Web Hosting with cPanel

Both managed web hosting services and free web hosting with cPanel offer convenience for their clients. However, entrepreneurs need to take note the implication of availing each web hosting service. Even the best free cPanel hosting has setbacks that a managed web hosting service can cover.

Cheap hosting with cPanel provides an upfront discount from monthly subscription fees. This makes the service appealing to a lot of new entrepreneurs. Who would say no to discounts? How much more to freebies? Free web hosting with cPanel may be a popular choice, but the convenience that it offers is limited.

Let’s compare managed web hosting services and free web hosting with cPanel:

What Is Managed Web Hosting Service?

Managed web hosting services provide IT management for its clients. Business websites are commonly availing managed web hosting service. This is because of the convenience it offers to any entrepreneur. If entrepreneurs choose to focus on growing their business, they can do so. Unlike with free web hosting with cPanel, you need to manage your website on your own.

Free Web Hosting with CPanel
  • Features of a Managed Web Hosting Service

Managed web hosting services will take care of the technical aspect of your website. It provides troubleshooting, server monitoring, upgrades, and software installations. It also offers 24/7 IT support, backup services, security audit, and control panel setup. This is how convenient managed web hosting is.

On top of these managed services, there are other additional features. Managed web hosting is better than free web hosting with cPanel because of these:

  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free website builder
  • Unlimited mySQL database
  • Free app installations
  • Free website transfer
  • Free emails
  • Unmetered traffic

What Is Free Web Hosting with cPanel?

Let’s try to define cPanel first before we get to understand what is free web hosting with cPanel. CPanel is a web based interface that allows non-tech people to manage websites easily. The goal of this graphical interface is to enable website owners to take control of their website. They will be able to manage everything on their own regardless of their technical background in web hosting.

  • Features of Free Web Hosting with Cpanel

Some tasks that cPanel simplify are website maintenance, setup and email creation. Free web hosting with cPanel offers an auto-installer or a content management system package. Free web hosting with cPanel offers management for databases and domain names. It also offers mail accounts and backups. This IT management convenience from free web hosting with cPanel appeals to many entrepreneurs.

Free web hosting with cPanel provides tools that are designed to run and control a website even without technical expertise in IT management. Its tiered structure allows various levels of access. The access that website owners have in free web hosting with cPanel is limited. It is limited to the level designed for non-tech personnel to manage. The rest of its IT management is left to the web host.

Difference between Managed Web Hosting and Free Web Hosting with cPanel

There is a major difference between managed web hosting service and free web hosting with cPanel. Managed web hosting service allows website owners to communicate with the web hosting provider. This allows them to tweak the website settings and management based on their business needs. They will do everything based on your preferences. This is convenience without compromising control.

In free web hosting with cPanel, website owners are limited as regards what they can manage. They will only manage settings within their level of access, and they will do this on their own. The rest of their website is at the mercy of their web hosting provider because it’s free web hosting. The advantage you get is confined with the cPanel that goes with it.

The convenience offered by free web hosting with cPanel clearly crosses out the ability to customize one’s website. This is a disadvantage for business websites because businesses have brands to establish. Also, businesses need to compete against the other business websites in terms of service and customer experience. Without full control, you can’t offer the best service that other sites can.

Full control in managed web hosting service provides better customer experience. Take note that better websites are always preferred, and established brands are well-remembered.

At the end of the day, the web hosting service we choose based on the kind of convenience we prefer defines our priorities in the e-commerce industry. Convenient IT management lacking control, or convenient IT management you can tailor-fit for your business needs? The answer is obvious. Managed web hosting service is a better choice than free web hosting with cPanel.

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