IT Staff Augmentation

In this day and age, global companies must take into account the IT talent they are hiring.  As technology advances, companies that seek to have competitive advantage must also have a team of employees with extensive knowledge on today’s equipment. Your current IT staff may not have the skill set needed for regularly changing types of projects.  Being able to react fast to this changing environment is a must. It may take a while to gather a new set of permanent employees to complete newer projects, but by that time the game might have changed already.It is here where IT staff augmentation is necessary to achieve success. IT staff augmentation offers companies a chance to obtain teams with the required skills and talents as quickly as possible. This system eliminates staff engagement, bypassing training, interviews, and annual pays.

IT staff augmentation

Benefits of IT staff augmentation services

  1. Maintain Control
  2. Meet Timelines
  3. 24/7 Support
  4. Cost-Effectiveness
  5. Focused
  6. Expansion
  7. Internal Acceptance
  8. Competitive Edge

1.Maintain Control

Completely outsourcing services blocks absolute control of a project to the company as compared to staff augmentation. IT staff augmentation allows your company to choose a temporary team and chart goals and scenarios on how to work your project out. The decision of who handles a project and who will work with him/her rests entirely on your hands. This creates for less risk in working on a project. This also gives you the benefit of prioritizing your resources according to your deliverables. IT staff augmentation creates a sense of certainty in moments of oversight insecurity.

2.Meet Timelines

Each project requires a deadline. IT Staff Augmentation helps solve aggressive deadline needs that may jeopardize your project. This will also benefit employees who may have to increase their workload from their day-to-day tasks. It is much better to depend on temporary but expert staff for time-definite, one-time projects. IT staff augmentation also assures security as the top priority in every project which means there will be no misusage of sensitive data.

3.24/7 Support

IT staff augmentation provides all day and night support. When your employees are absent or off-site, an augmented staff can cover for their downtime. Downtime is risky for a business. In a U.S.A Today study, it was showed that 80% of downtime expenses surpassed an hourly rate of $50,000 while more than 35% reported expenses surpassing an hourly rate of $500,000. IT staff augmentation is necessary to avoid this loss of expenses.


One of the main attractions for companies to develop staff augmentation in their system is its profitability. Instead of annually paying for personal needs of each employee like insurances, benefits, and paid absences, your company will only pay for the skills required by the staff and only when you require them. This proves beneficial for employees who won’t have to see a cut on their personal needs due to the employment of more staff.


The team that comes from IT staff augmentation comes together for the completion of one specific project of your choosing. This would mean that the staff augmentation process flows solely on this project of yours.  If you were to give it to employees, it would juggle with their daily tasks which will cost you both time and attention on your project. Staff augmentation helps you pool the resources on the table through a base of evolution and knowledge. It would migrate the risk of time wastage while simultaneously convert a one-time capital expense to a project-based operational expense.


IT staff augmentation can bring your company closer to a global audience. You can gather staff from any particular place all over the world. With this expert place-based team, it will be easier to target different places all at the same time. You can have accessible points of contacts as well. This staff-sourcing strategy ensures technical services and products are implemented more constructively.

7.Internal Acceptance

Existing employees prefer IT staff augmentation more than the project outsourcing model.  They report to feel less threatened by employing a few, expert individuals as compared to having their company’s project be taken over by an outsourced group.

8.Competitive Edge

Engaging the best partners for IT staff augmentation with the necessary skills and talents for your project would yield a definite result. You can gain a competitive advantage by using the vast reservoir of talents at hand that can drive your project to the top. Your project may have the chance to be completed before other competitors, making it fresh and new in the global market.

IT staff augmentation checks all the requirements for today’s constantly innovating climate. It takes down added stress and headaches that other models provide. Plus, you will reap the economic benefits crucial for the success of your business.


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