IT Assurance for the SMB Market

March 10, 2020
IT Assurance

IT assurance is an essential consideration for small business owners, though they often don’t realize it. For years now, research and statistics show that more than half of all cyber-attacks are against small businesses. In one study, it was found by the U.S. Congressional Small Business Committee that organizations with fewer than a hundred employees were the targets of 71% of all cyberattacks. The compelling reason is that cybercriminals often prefer vulnerable targets, and less secure networks are easier to hack into. The following are examples of cybersecurity measures that can help provide needed IT assurance.

1) Protect Mobile Devices

The use of personal Wi-Fi devices is a widespread practice. And, yet, private tablets, smartphones, and laptops make the IT network easier to breach. BYOD (bring your own device) policies are needed, and they should focus on IT assurance.

2) Enforce Strong Password Procedures

Employees can get weary of changing passwords, but it’s important that strong password policies are enforced. Especially with workers using their own devices, company access must be protected with strong passwords. The formula currently required by most sites is to use numbers, symbols, and upper and lower-case letters.

3) Provide IT Assurance Training for Employees

In-house mistakes frequently result in security breaches. To avoid becoming victim to a cybercrime that’s caused by employees, provide training to educate them about IT assurance and the part they play in protecting the company’s IT network. Protocols should be updated and reviewed as often as need be. Hold the employees accountable by having them put their signature to a statement that they have been informed of the company’s IT assurance policies and actions can be taken if they fail to follow procedures related to cybersecurity.

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