How your SME can Benefit from Information Assurance Tools

As technology continues to catapult into heights we can only be surprised of, more and more entrepreneurs are seeing the need to invest in technology and figure out more ways as to how tech can better their business—both with revenue and communication strategies. All these said information assurance tools are starting to find their way into mainstream business jargon. And why wouldn’t they?

The need to protect business information is much more urgent now.

Here are a few examples of information assurance tools that are easy to install:

Windows 10

With built-in features such as SmartScreen, Windows Hello, and Microsoft Edge, Windows 10 is referred to as the most secure operating system of Microsoft. What makes Windows 10 a standout among its contemporaries is that it secures information, user identities, devices from virus and other harms. Because it makes use of several security management and protection tools, you’re sure to be guaranteed. Exploit Guard, Windows Defender Antivirus, Application Guard, Application Control, and System Guard all work together to keep all of your information protected and secured.

Enterprise Mobility + Security

Information Assurance Tools

An easy to use Cloud Solution, EM+S assists your enterprise in addressing the evolving cybersecurity infrastructure. Enterprise Mobility + Security helps you trace odd login activity, protects your team’s resources, allows you to better understand your user, data activities, and device, and also enables you to alter permissions when needed. EM+S is the solution to better protection with Cloud.

Windows Information Protection

Windows Information Protection (WIP) is remembered to be a component of the anniversary update of Windows 10. WIP fuses with other Microsoft products such as Azure Rights Management and Office 365 to ascertain business and personal data, identify the apps that have entry, and present basic controls to aid in determining what can be done with the data.

What makes WIP a standout is that it’s easy to use and doesn’t interfere with user experiences. It’s designed to keep business information from being exposed to public and personal domains. Of course, this also depends on your IT system. But it’s good to know that WIP makes sure only authorized apps and users can gain access to personal information.

Office 365 Data Loss Prevention

No business ever wants personal information to be passed around. Office 365 Data Loss Prevention helps do just that. This helps enable users to be more careful when it comes to sharing sensitive data (i.e, credit card information, company car plate numbers).

Through the Exchange Administration Center, your business’ e-mail administrators can establish policies in the Office 365 admin portal. This will then notify the Office 365 Data Loss Prevention tool to go through each of your user e-mails. If the tool finds out that a policy will be breached, a Policy Tip will appear on your screen alerting users that certain data will be shared. This makes it extra handy when you’re in a hurry and unable to read all the nitty-gritty.

Office 365 Advanced Security Management

Part of the Office 365 E5, Advanced Security Management provides users an improved grasp and better visibility over discovery and insights, threat detection, and enhanced control. With threat detection, users can establish anomaly detection policies that can notify them of possible breaches in the network. Establish control, on the other hand, allows you to establish politics that trace certain activities; examples of these are when someone downloads more data than usual, when someone is flagged in the name of multiple failed log-in tries, or when someone signs in using a risky IP address.

What’s more, you can also make the most of your investments in these IT solutions with an app discovery dashboard that allows IT-approved experts to view your business’ Office 365. You’ll also be able to find out each activity that happens.

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