How an information assurance security professional under an IT Assurance company can help your SME

Businesses are shaping up to be a different kind of force these days. As each day passes, brands and enterprises continue to evolve into becoming more inventive, seamlessly slithering into the digital realm. Granted that reality, this is why working with an information assurance security professional is crucial for every business leader. If you’re unsure what this position is, it’s under IT Assurance, also referred to as information assurance. IT Assurance is the method of safekeeping information and handling risks related to storage, use, processing, and transmission of information and the processes and procedures utilized for those intentions.

IT assurance consists of protecting the integrity, authenticity, availability, and confidentiality of user information. It uses both technical and physical controls—on top of administrative—controls to complete these tasks. While the main focus of IT Assurance is digital data, the complete scope of IT Assurance transcends more than just cyber files, but also analogs and other physical documents. Although this blog post talks about why it’s essential for businesses to work with an IT solutions company, it’s best to understand that information assurance and security isn’t limited to that.

Why an information assurance security professional is valuable to an SME

IT assurance is the practice of relaying the right information to the appropriate stakeholders at the appropriate times. As a result, this benefits enterprises through the utilization of trust management, risk management, appropriate architecture, resilience, EDR security, and system safety; all these increases the utility of data to permitted users and lessens the data utility to those who aren’t granted access to the information.

Information Assurance Security Professional

An information assurance security professional, who also usually happens to belong to IT companies, make sure that every confidential data and file you have are kept and preserved that way.

What else does an information assurance security professional do?

While securing digital data is a huge chunk of the role, IT assurance is so much more than just that. Your business progress largely depends on how well your IT infrastructure performs. That said, you’re going to need a great IT solutions company to proactively deliver effective services that don’t just make sure your network is up and functioning, but also running efficiently and smoothly.

Getting an IT assurance package is best for SMEs because this increases IT performance, boosts its reliability and security and helps you cut back on finances. For plenty of startups, it can be challenging to manage one’s company network efficiently and easily. IT outages don’t make these processes any better, too. When you run a small-scale business, the chances are high that you don’t always have an IT expert around. You may know one, but scheduling a visit may take time. A lack of paperwork also makes digital data susceptible to compromise and being hacked.

How an information assurance security professional under an IT Assurance agency can benefit your business.

An IT assurance package allows you to focus on core business operations. When you entrust your IT infrastructure to an effective networking watchdog, you’re empowered to focus on your fundamental business strategies versus trying to fix problems yourself.

Additionally, an IT assurance package also lessens the chances of negatively impacting your business. IT solutions companies combine preventive maintenance methods and remote monitoring features. Not only does this make your staff more engaged to work, this also makes sure business operations aren’t hampered.

Perhaps, one of the leading advantages of them all is that fees are fixed and steady. All you’re obliged to pay for is a flat monthly fee that covers every IT concern.

Info-Link Technologies, for example, is a leading IT solutions company in Ohio. Having led the industry for more than a decade now, they continue to help SMEs by fortifying their IT structures and operations.

When you choose to work with Info-Link Technologies and avail an IT assurance package, you get a long list of benefits: you’re given access to the priority urgency list, your network is constantly monitored, you’re obligated to receive a comprehensive report of what needs to be done, improved, and/or replaced in your existing IT infrastructure, you receive remote network support, your firewall management is well taken care of, and your server configuration management is kept up-to-date.

What’s more, should you encounter a number of IT issues, you get unlimited support from the Info-Link Team. Don’t just work with anyone who presents themselves to be available. Look for an information assurance certification. Contact Info-Link technologies via

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