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If you just typed “hosted PBX VoIP providers Ohio” on a search engine, this article is for you. Every business, no matter how big or small, will always call for communication in various shapes and platforms. As you consider communication services for your enterprise, you’ll notice that there is a plethora of insider jargon— hosted PBX, cloud-hosted PBX, virtual PBX, and host VoIP. If you’re one with very little IT background, it’s understandable to be lost in all of these. There can be an overwhelming number of terms despite similar concepts.

Still, practical knowledge of each telephonic device and system can help you cut back on thousands of dollars. If you understand how each medium is different, it’s easier for you to keep your brand up-to-date with only the best of tech advancements. If you’re not tech-oriented, let’s jump right into learning how these solutions make our businesses better by using simple language.

What’s a VoIP?

VoIP is an acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol. To many experts, it can also be called IP Telephony, Internet Calling, or Internet Telephony. To clarify, the “telephone” aspect of VoIP is there only because of association—the actual technology doesn’t call for a headset, a phone, or analog lines.

Hosted PBX VoIP Provider Ohio

Today, more and more brands are resorting to VoIP services because they’re generally cheaper and present tons of options and features. A feature VoIP is known to have is its bandwidth. The frequency range is so abundant that businesses can provide benefits such as integrated cellphone apps and unlimited extensions.

A common example of a VoIP service is Skype. It’s also mostly free for everyone to utilize. Ironically, many individuals have now adopted the technology, still, hundreds of businesses have not kept up. Going the internet route will definitely move you several steps forward, granted that many still make use of a traditional PBX.

In case you didn’t know, PBX stands for private branch exchange. Before DSL, fiber, and even broadband, businesses made use of a PBX to manage calls. PBX was analog lines that belonged to their own private network, each having an individual extension.

It can be recalled that calls made within the organization were free, while calls that didn’t belong to their network were charged by the minute. It may have been costly but PBX still worked for several businesses because inside calls could take long, too. This meant that internal calls no longer needed to be paid for particularly.

VoIP started a revolution in that it did not utilize a private network—it made use of the internet, a much vaster global infrastructure. The expanse the web allows has also enabled lowered costs for less maintenance and better flexibility.

Hosted pbx VoIP Benefits for Business

To start, hosted VoIP is fundamentally a communications solution that’s cloud-based. It also just demands a monthly service rate. To enjoy VoIP services, it’s important you have a server to transmit all of your inbound and outbound data.

As a business leader, you can choose to outsource access to a third-party provider. How this works is simple: they handle your IP-PBX server technical support, maintenance, and internal networking for your brand; basically the whole shebang.

Another option is to buy an in-house PBX. This is a phone system and server that your team maintains in your office.

A lot of tech experts and entrepreneurs may say that the second one is beneficial, but this all boils down to how big your business is. If you perceive steady but gradual growth in the next couple of years, resorting to a hosted VoIP may be a wiser solution since there isn’t a need to upgrade devices almost every time. What’s even better is that adjustments can be altered every month, depending on your subscription.

In other words, if you run an SME, working with an IT solutions company for your VoIP needs is a much better alternative. You save more and get only the most updated technology. Space is also another thing to look into. If you’re not willing to house a huge chunk of wires and large equipment in your office, then purchasing an in-house PBX isn’t for you.

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