Cons of Free Web Hosting for WordPress

Free WordPress hosting is one of the most popular website builders. Because it’s offered for free, you might even consider it if you want a slice of the virtual world for your business. Free web hosting for WordPress will allow you to use a free domain name, though it’s not good for an exclusive brand. You need to take note that free web hosting for WordPress is not the ideal choice for an online business website.

Yes, you will surely get the benefit of a waived monthly fee to keep your website up. Yet, the reliability of the service is at stake with free web hosting for WordPress. An online business will lose much more than just a flat monthly rate if the services it uses can’t ensure that the business will stay online. Thus, the discussion about the cons of free web hosting for WordPress became a necessary point of interest. Understand how free web hosting for WordPress can negatively affect your business.

Setbacks in Using Free Web Hosting for WordPress

Free web hosting for WordPress has its advantages especially when it comes to cutting costs. Yet, this discount in the monthly subscription does not mean that you won’t be spending for anything else to keep your business online. Here are some of the disadvantages of using free web hosting for WordPress:

Limited Resources

Free web hosting for WordPress would require a higher cost of maintenance to keep up with the demands of a business website. This is due to the limited resources that it provides. How limited could it be? Free web hosting for WordPress is limited to the point of low website performance and small glitches. It works best only for simple setups like one website with one database.

Free Web Hosting WordPress

The setbacks due to limited resources will reach the point that you will eventually need to upgrade to a paid web hosting service. When this time comes, migration or upgrading will cost you a fortune because you need it to maintain your existing online space. The higher the demand, the higher the price. Worse, you will avail the service out of a typical web hosting package, so individually-sold hosting features and applications will cost you more on top of the hosting service alone. At the end of the day, your free web hosting for WordPress will cost you later on.


Free web hosting for WordPress limits the storage or disk space. Storage space is needed for the quality and quantity of content that your website can offer. If your business only needs basic text and image format, free web hosting for WordPress will be enough. Yet, the best websites offer more than that.

You need high-resolution images and multimedia format to break down texts into more engaging forms of media. In free web hosting for WordPress, massive files can shut down your website. This could be because your server can no longer manage the bulk of data that you are using.

It has the features for editing DNS settings, one-click auto-installer, SMTP email, software script, root dictionary access, and other applications. However, these features are still limited. You can have all these even with the cheapest web hosting service, plus the assurance of reliability and ownership of your website.


Limited storage makes your website content suffer. It inhibits you from uploading varied content into your website. Together with the storage limitation, free web hosting for WordPress also limits bandwidth. This results in low website performance, eventually affecting business revenue.

Bandwidth refers to the capacity of your website to allow traffic to flow into your website for access. Free web hosting for WordPress has a bandwidth cap, so your website won’t be able to accommodate high traffic volume. You would need to upgrade to a paid web hosting account to keep your business up and running.

Is Free Web Hosting for WordPress Good for Business?

Free web hosting for WordPress will work well for a hobby. Put up a blog for recreational writing. It could be your online diary of everything that comes to mind. If you have a project that does not intend to generate revenue, no problem. We can recommend free web hosting for WordPress for those things.

However, if you put up a website for business promotion and you intend to generate income out of your content, too, you need a paid web hosting service. You can choose among the cheapest to the most reliable web hosting services available online. Check on the reviews, and consider using managed web hosting instead.

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