Three Free Web Hosting Services You Need to Try

Taking your content, product or services online requires preparation and the best decisions, especially when you have just begun putting up your own website. Finding the best web hosting service is definitely a need, but finding the best free web hosting service for your virtual space is a must for small and medium businesses that are trying to keep their expenses within budget.

Why Opt for a Free Web Hosting Service?

Designing, developing and maintaining your website is quite a task especially when you lack the expertise on running an online platform for your business. Thus, taking your business online needs reliable IT Management service which deserves a slash out of your budget. With that, cost cutting on elements that wouldn’t compromise the quality of service for your website can really help you stick with your finances.

Free Web Hosting

Web hosting is one of these areas where expenses easily grow since it is billed monthly. And that makes free web hosting service continuously grow in popularity. Two things make free web hosting service a practical choice:

  • The most obvious reason people choose free web hosting is budget. Since the cost of hosting plans accumulates over time, free web hosting is an ideal option for the limited budget especially when you only need basic website features.
  • You are usually bound to a 1-2 year contract in a paid web hosting service. So, if you are not satisfied with it, or  for any other reason, you won’t be able to terminate the service unless you pay the entire subscription cost. Termination of service is easy for free web hosting.

Though it is quite convincing to take on a free web hosting service, there are two cons that you need to consider. Check if you are willing to risk these two:

  • Since you are not bound to any contract, that is a two-way (dis)advantage and one’s meat is the other’s poison. The hosting service can easily pull their offering any time and all the hard work for your design and content will be at risk as your site go offline.
  • Free hosting providers usually display advertisements, and you won’t have any control how many that would be, how much space it would cover, not even their type and location.
  • Storage limit and performance can directly affect your business, so restrictions that are imposed by some providers are not favorable in any way.

To help you decide whether you’ll try free web hosting for your site or not, check out the features of these three popular free web hosting services:

1. Wix

This web development platform based on cloud allows the creation of HTML5 web and mobile sites with the convenience of online drag and drop tools. Also, added functionality like social plug-ins, e-commerce, online and email marketing, contact forms and forums are available in third party applications. Though it offers free web hosting, it earns its revenues through premium upgrades, so you can be assured with the reliability, security and SEO of the free web hosting plan they provide. This plan includes 500 MB storage and bandwidth, secure hosting, drag and drop editor, mobile site, and unlimited pages. Plus, you can track and manage your website’s performance in a single dashboard. On top of these features, it also includes support, online store functionality, hundreds of templates and most importantly, there will be no third party ads other than Wix promotions to be displayed on your site.


This most popular content management system is used by an estimate of 30% of internet bloggers as a publishing platform. This website offers free web hosting and earns thru paid upgrades, top-up services and advertising. WordPress banks on its reputation of providing guaranteed free web hosting service without the hassle and downtime. Also, their free for life plan offers a subdomain, support and jetpack essentials. With its 3 GB storage space, basic design customization, and dozens of free themes, your business will surely secure a stable virtual space in no time.


This is a platform designed for e-commerce, websites and integrated marketing. Small and medium businesses will surely benefit from its features tailor fit for entrepreneurs. A simple widget-based site builder that operates in the web browser make up Weebly’s free online, drag and drop website creator. It automatically generates a mobile version for your website, which is an advantage in reaching a wider market. If your concern is with storage limit, Weebly’s provision is infinite, though it restricts individual file sizes. URL ending can be in, .com, .net, .org, .co, .info, or .us. Also, mobile apps for monitoring website traffic statistics, update blog posts, respond to comments, add and update products is a plus for this free web hosting service, especially for entrepreneurs on-the-go. You can develop online stores with payment options or incorporate ads in your pages. With 500 MB storage, SSL security, Weebly.dom subdomain, lead capture and SEO features, this free web hosting is reliable and is serving across the full server cloud-hosted infrastructure.

These are just three among the numerous free web hosting services available. Just make sure that your free web hosting is reliable and secured enough to help you succeed in e-commerce.

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