Common Mistakes in Free Web Hosting in Licking, Ohio

Free web hosting in Licking, Ohio may be a popular choice especially for businesses that are trying to start their online presence the cheapest way possible, but it doesn’t guarantee the best features for your e-commerce success. If your business does not demand too much in terms of disk space, bandwidth, customization, and client support, free web hosting in Licking, Ohio is the go-to option. But if your traffic, scripting and IT management need advanced features, you better get a paid web hosting plan that suits your website needs.

Free web hosting in Licking, Ohio provides the basics for a website regardless of content. Even business websites can choose to avail free web hosting in Licking, Ohio, though it can’t guarantee the sustainability needed by the website once your business starts to grow. So, despite the appeal of free web hosting in Licking, Ohio, website owner should also be wary of the common mistakes committed in availing web hosting plans.

Free Web Hosting Licking Ohio

Here are some of them:

Free doesn’t mean zero cost.

Free web hosting in Licking, Ohio may not cost you any dollar in setting up your website, but it surely comes at a price. Free means basic features that are mostly insufficient for business websites, since businesses are supposed to be ready to accept heavy traffic from the target market. Also, not all, but most of them force website owners to place advertisements on their sites, regardless if they are related to your business or not. What if the advertisement competes with the services you offer? That will certainly be a drawback.

Inefficient reseller causes more problems than good.

Getting a reseller instead of a free web hosting in Licking, Ohio is not a bad idea. Although there are times that a reseller is good with all the marketing of the hosting service, yet it lacks in performance. Inexperienced resellers can cause problems with scripts and server environments that your business should not suffer from. Remember than web hosting affects revenue directly, so be careful in choosing the reseller you will consider for your next web hosting subscription.

Unclear requirements bring unmet expectations.

Since website needs vary depending on the content, the purpose and the target audience, it would be wise to make a list of all the requirements of your website. Using this list, you can successfully choose your web hosting plan, and not settle with just the basic features of free web hosting in Licking, Ohio. At the same time, this list can help you point out the additional requirements for your website as your business grows. Good decisions, especially web hosting decisions, are done when informed. So keep a list, and let the host do its thing.

Never settle with a host’s limited website.

Cookie cutter websites and those that can’t put together their own impressive online space most likely wouldn’t have the capacity to manage your website, too. Never settle with cheap hosting services that can’t show their efficiency even at face value. Doing so will only lead to a frustrating experience even with free web hosting in Licking, Ohio.

Keep your accounts safe from downtime.

If you are managing a lot of websites, keeping them in just one account provides the convenience especially in simplifying billing and get better deals. But getting a single free web hosting in Licking, Ohio for your website places your online presence into the risk of downtime of all your sites. I repeat, downtime for all your sites, meaning zero revenue during that particular downtime. Keep your other accounts active despite an unexpected downtime by using several reputable web hosting services.

Keep their contact details handy.

Email, forum and live support are good when it comes to client support that most free web hosting in Licking, Ohio provides.  But when your host has been down for so long, you need the traditional way of contacting them. Make sure that you have kept a record of their telephone number, so they can assist you, even if their own site is down.

Creating backups is personal responsibility.

Keep your backups even if your free web hosting in Licking, Ohio provides it conveniently for you. Yes, you don’t need to constantly worry of filing and keeping your content, but remember that anything is vulnerable when exposed to cyberspace. Anything can happen that could lead to a complete wipe out of everything you’ve worked hard for. Stay secured and keep your backup intact.

Security risks are real and should be addressed.

Never rely to your free web hosting in Licking, Ohio as your sole security against malware and other cybersecurity issues. And even if they are expected to get the latest patches to keep your website secured, always check what versions are running and how often they update them. Even free web hosting services should be safe from attacks.

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